Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whiney baby emo kid.

What a life would’ve been without twitter or facebook or even this blog.

Writing has been my salvation since I know how to write. Seriously, I don’t really remember how it all started but all that I knew, I kept diaries since I was in primary school. I composed poetries when I was ten and enjoy reading since kindergarten.

I don’t really write for people to read. I write for my own personal reasons, I write to divert my negative energy into something less destructive. Written words can’t be harmful if they were left unread. .. that’s why diaries have always been my best friends.

Technology somehow has changed that. I don’t want to talk about how people these days have split personalities between their real and virtual life. Most thoughts are read, at least by a few… and with the mushrooming social platforms, people talk more, in fact more than in their actual life… and I talk more than I used to do, sometimes to an extent of disclosing unnecessary personal stuffs. <-like saying this.

I admire those who have so much self control in their virtual life - knowing what’s to share what’s not. These people know how to be friendly but deliberately maintaining their privacy and no, they don’t go around spamming and swindling anonymously.

I'm spending too much time with computers. I can’t avoid that since my works mostly involve computer except for occasional site visits. Having said that, I still need to control my virtual life.

Such as… stop tweeting.

I tweeted too much… and many things I rumbled about shouldn’t really be publically mentioned …and sometimes, those who response to those tweets in their own accords, couldn’t care less about the real situations.

I’ll stop tweeting for awhile…inshaAllah, let’s see how long I could go without tweeting. Hahaa…

I’ll talk more to my diary… and if I really need to say something out loud, I better talk to people directly rather than throwing my words in the air so carelessly.

Anyone would like to be my real life twitter?

Hah! you! I saw you raised up your hand. =)

p/s: I will still visit twitter frequently... stalking some of the Twits *wink*


firadauskhazis said...

whining is really bad habit for self motivation actually. try to constraint your twitter as a room to share your knowledge, websites and news :') , i know you can do it. and be optimistic~!

Miasuraya said...

Thanks firadauskhazis, that's a great reminder :)

tina said...

Me! *angkat tangan dgn penuh semangat besi waja*

I'd like to be your tweety birdie!

KIAMBANG said...

thanks fira! you and your optimism! haha..

tina, i kena register dlu ka? kena ada password eh? haha