Monday, August 18, 2014

Pakcik Genius Suruh Tgk Noddy

So we went to the baby fair, oh did I ever mention here that we're expecting.

Surprised! :)

Alhamdulillah, the baby is due on this Raya Haji, inshaAllah. You'll see a mini me soon. I still can't imagine mothering a child, but we are excited and scared at the same time. May Allah ease it all for us, amen.

Back on the baby fair, we met this pak cik who promoted some sort of 'advise' on child education, he's selling some programme I believe, though I don't quite remember what it is.

All that I could recall he was saying something about every child is born a genius. But only 3% become geniuses, while the rest .. uhm... become 'de-genius-ed' at the age of 3 by the environment or education that we put them in. How true? I don't know and I doubt it. How do you measure a newborn genius-ness? My husband, he wore the best skeptical look in the entire crowd. 

Anyways, true enough, that environment has a massive impact on a person characteristic, that includes his intelligence. But what makes you a genius isn't always how clever you are when you were a baby, at school or even in university, its always the achievement. Sometimes, a person can be so outstanding at a certain phase of life, he could be the one who seems to have the brightest ideas among the peers, could give the most eloquent speech in any topic discussed, could solve the hardest mathematical equation you've ever encountered... but at the end of the day, no one recognizes him as genius, unless he did something that wins the world attention, or have an achievement that people would remember. Well, you could have the prettiest dress in the world but if no one ever seen you put it on, no one would know about it, or recognize the beauty of the dress. On that note, some most of the geniuses we know were only known as geniuses after they died.

Oh, and the pakcik did say a few other things; like Don't teach your kids ABC and let them watch Noddy

All and all, it's fun to think I'm carrying a genius, maybe it's true that every baby is a genius, because the one inside of me seems to be running some sort of experiment daily inside with little explosion here and there.

Baby, please take care of mummy's laboratory.