Monday, August 29, 2011

O' Stranger

I came to RMIT (my uni) hurriedly this morning.. worrying not be able to get any computer to work on for I wasn't as early as I should have been... there are only a few computer labs in this design school and during weekdays like this, some of the labs are used for teaching and only one or two are available for students, and most of the time, if you're late... most of the computers are already taken... Since my computer is now old and lazy, not to mention making sounds like the engine of an aeroplane.... I prefer to work at RMIT, the computer is faster, the softwares are all uptodate, faster and unlimited internet connection, I procrastinate less etc etc etc....

Anyway, on my way here... as usual, I took a tram... however the pakcik tram (driver) seemed to be a little careless this morning, he stopped the tram so sudden causing me who was standing without holding on a thing to loose my balance andddddd.... fell... well, almost did. but was saved... by a stranger... *say: aaauuuwwww~*

In that instance... it occured to me that sometimes in this life, it takes a stranger to catch you when you fall.

Thus, be kind to strangers... and be a good stranger too.

Oh! and I arrived at RMIT just to realise there aren't many people around or any class running... which reminds me.. this week is actually a holiday.. its the spring break. oh well, my supervisor refuses to acknowledge the cuti ponnnn...

here I am at RMIT, still having this strange fuzzy feeling from falling on a stranger... haha... and sitting on my favourite spot at the computer labs. I like this computer, it's at the corner of the room. I can see the whole room from here :)

ok. I should start working. oh btw... enjoy these final days of Ramadhan. ;) Allah Bless.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Addiction

I didn't know that Hamza Namira has a new album, Insan, after Ehlam Ma'a (Dream with Me) until today... now I'm so addicted to this song. I like that most of his songs in Insan ain't so melancholic... so refreshing!

ياما نفسي أعيش انسان قلبه على كفه
Oh how I wish to live like a human being who carries his heart in his hand
كل اللي بردانين ف كفوفه يتدفوا
All those feeling cold would find warmth in the palms of his hands

يضحك يضحّك خلق الله
When he laughs all of God’s creation laughs
يفرح يفرّح كله معاه
When he’s happy he makes everyone else happy
إنسان جواك وجوايا

A human being inside you and me
إنسان له حلم له غاية
A human being who has a dream and an aim

اللي معاه على طول مش ليه
He’s always giving away everything he has
ولا حتى روحه ملك إيديه
And he doesn’t even own his own spirit
جواه في قلبه ونن عينيه
Inside his heart and in the depths of his eyes
شايل أمل وشروق وحياة
He carries hope, sunrise and life

إنسان بيحب ولا يكره
A human being who loves and never hates
إنسان شايل أمل بكره
A human being who has hope for a better tomorrow
بيبان في الشدة ويطمّن
He appears in the midst of hardship and reassures others
ولا خان ولا عمره هيخوّن
Never has he betrayed nor will he ever accuse anyone of treason

كلمات: حازم ويفي
لحن: حمزة نمرة

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Creepy Me in my Poems

For the first time in my architecture-life, I'm bringing my poems into architecture. What's more interesting is, I use my poems in their original form, by this I mean, in Malay language. Now everybody in my class knows how Malay language sounds like. ahaha...

The project is pretty much investigating the space between poems. The atmosphere of hearing two poems recited simultaneously. Sounds that make space, space that's defined by sound. Seriously, I don't really know how it'll work out... but hey, just having some experimentation with stuff a bit off-architecture... a break from my headache major project. Plus, I kinda enjoy making people listen to my poems without expecting them to understand a word... rather then, reciting to a bunch of people who understand but couldn't 'appreciate' them... and yeah, I receive some flattering comments from 'mat-salleh' course mate like...

"when something is well written, even you can't understand it... you can kinda tell it"

hahahhahahahaa.... ok.

here's how my superimposed poems sound like.

Spacebetweebpoems01 by asriahtalib

*heyyyyy! don't laugh!**malu la mcmni*

creepy much ey? hahaaa... I myself kinda like how the word 'mati' singularly ends the poem... *psycho alert*

they seem to enjoy it though. and.. oh! these poems are I guess the most emotional ones I had in my collection, well... I mean among those that I published on the blog. of course there are a lot more psycho emotional insensible poems in my private collection. hahaa...

rasa kena record lain, dahla record malas2...if you notice in one of the poems I miss pronounced the word 'tiada' as 'tayada'... hahaha... punya malas nak rakam lain... such half-assed recording for the sake of the assignment. now I know that I have to make a public installation, I better re-record it properly.

anyways...since the tutor wants to 'immerse' in my voice (that's the exact word he used)... I guess, I gotta make them creepier... so that he'll get goosebumps!!!

this is so mengarut.

oh, btw I just realise that it makes me smile when people call me a poet, but for some unknown reasons, I feel like I have to put on a serious expression when I was called an architect.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Holy Floral Pattern

You do not know how much what you say on fb or twitter can affect others. or at least make others think. for example, a brother on my twitter tweeted;

"a sister's reading Quran on the tram, mashaAllah"

This left me pondering about people's perception seeing me reading Quran on a tram. I don't do it frequently, in fact I rarely carry Quran around since I use iphone for there's an apps for it, but now that its Ramadhan, just like many of us I try my best to increase my Quran reading as much as I can... and travelling over an hour to and fro almost everyday gives me quite a chance to flip through my little holy book. I used not to mind what people think, especially the non-muslims. I sometimes like how that sort of thing kinda become a conversation starter. but to make 'an impression' on other muslim, is the least I wish to do.

To's some kind of guilt to present yourself better than what you are. I feel ashamed if people had given a better impression than my true self. I wonder if any of you had ever felt this way too. I don't know how to explain this. It's just, people kinda give you a good perception and somehow through the complexity of your mind, it turns into an expectation that does not meet up the actual condition. and, it's a shame, on me! huhu.

So today, I clothed my little green Quran with floral pattern wrapping. Unless you peep through, no one knows what I'm reading. I don't know if it's good or bad. but the matter of heart, is always hard to justify.

O'Allah, grant me hikmah in every decision I made, big or small. Ameen

Tuesday, August 2, 2011