Monday, February 13, 2012

Mr. T

Its about 10 minutes to 5 in the afternoon. I can hear the clock ticking, exactly the way a clock should sounds like when it ticks. A lot slower than the White Rabbit's clock in Alice in Wonderland, a little faster than my footsteps as I walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water. If I shut my eyes tight, and listen to the sound very very attentively, I could almost make believe that there is a bomb planted somewhere near and I'm doomed to explosion in 2.7 minutes. 

Time is life, life is time. Why does the clock seem to tick faster when we are having a good time and a minute can feel like forever when you are watching Twilight, I mean, when you are in pain or having a bad time?

The Oath, The Promise... has been made in the name of time. 

Time heals wounds, time teaches patient, time dictates success, time reveals truth, time answers mysteries, time does all, and in many situation the best we could do to deal with time is to wait. 

But never, shall we forget. Time is also a creation. Allah is the Most Powerful above all.

Thus, make duaa. Supplicate to Him who hath created time, for time could be our best friend, our savior, our success, could be all that we want, should Allah will... and we ask Allah for the best.

InshaAllah. :)

Have a good time, peeps.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Teeth Gone Wired #02

If the mirror could complain, it'll be shouting hysterically and crash to the floor on its own accord. It'll be wondering why life has to be so torturous, that everyday... maybe tens of times per day, it has to stare into the mouth of this person and reflect a good look of the horrendous wired teeth.

I have develop a habit of flashing a wide smile every time I pass by a mirror. ahaha. I had actually noticed a slight change of my front tooth. The change is almost invisible that I suppose its barely noticeable to anyone else even if you see me everyday and know me so well. However it is exciting, that I can't help but to constantly check on it. ahaha

Should any of you reading this have just gotten your braces, be patient for a moment like this... as much as we always find it difficult to deal with changes, seeing your teeth move is the most exciting change of all.

This shouldn't be long.

My post today would only talk about the cost. I've been wanting to get my teeth fixed since I was a lot younger... I remember how I want it so much when I was a year or two in university. But I was in Australia. A normal dental treatment can be very costly, let alone the orthodontic ones. For a sponsored student like me, I had to break the bank to afford an orthodontic treatment. ahaha

So getting my teeth fixed has been at the top of my wishlist since forever. Now that I'm back for good, it's finally the time to go for it.

Here in Penang, there ain't that many orthodontist, especially in Seberang Perai. So the clinic that I went to is located in Taman Pauh, Butterworth. It's called for the namesake, Braces Clinic.

They provide two alternatives for the treatment, both are however traditional type of braces. 

1. Metal Braces, total cost; RM3500, down payment: RM1000, RM150 for every follow up treatment. The balance is pretty much distributed across a year and half to two years period of treatment.

Traditional Metal Braces

2. Clear Braces, total cost; RM5000, down payment RM2000. RM250 for every follow up treatment... and this is the one that I chose for a reason that I'm allergic to nickel, thus having those brackets in my mouth would I'm afraid cause my mouth to sore very badly. 

Traditional Clear Braces

So if you are getting braces, here in Malaysia... that is pretty much the amount of money you need. If you wish to know more about the differences of this two types of braces, there are heaps of websites to have a look at. Just google up, I can't quite suggest which one is best, most of them say pretty much the same thing.

So till then. It's a good cause to start saving. As for me, I consider it a good investment for it doesn't just fix your smile, it also fixes your self confidence. *insertawidesmile*

Friday, February 3, 2012

Teeth Gone Wired #01

As much as the moral is concerned, that a kind heart and good demeanor are more substantial than good look, we can’t deny the fact that we are indeed living in an image conscious society. Although the perception of a person is often changed after knowing the person beyond his/her look, the first sight sometimes makes a permanent impression. So why gamble on your personality, if you had the choice not to.

Beauty is great though, that it should rest in the eyes of the beholder. The shape and size of your eyes, nose, lips or even your body are beautiful just the way they are. There will always be someone who finds you beautiful or even admires and envies your eyes/nose/lips whether you realize it or not. Two things however are a real gift that you should really be grateful of are a healthy skin and well-aligned teeth. 

Yesterday marked the third weeks of me wearing braces. It’s frustrating that I can’t still notice any change. Anyway, the whole process will take up about a year and a half to two years, it’s normal not to see any change yet.

And this is, my very first post of the many that would follow regarding wearing an orthodontic braces. I won’t go long into the technical stuff of wearing this funny thing inside my mouth, but rather sharing, what I feel like sharing…mostly personal.

Why did I decide to get an orthodontic treatment?
I was, like the many of you born toothless. As I was growing up, my eldest sister often took me to the dentist to get my baby teeth extracted so that every new tooth would grow at its place. But yeah, we don’t really have much control of our growth, do we? That includes our teeth.

So, I have overcrowded teeth. Like many girls growing up, at one point of my teenage years, I grew really conscious of my teeth that I had learned to smile with my lips sealed tight. I have mastered the smile that I look the same in almost every photograph, save the candid ones.

One day, I was laughing so hard that a friend said to me “I had never seen you relax your mouth and smile like that before” Funny I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that, part of me was quite embarrassed really.

My wisdom teeth grew few years back when I was 20. Since then I’ve been biting the inner sides of my mouth. So yeah, those need fixing.

There go two main reasons. I guess that’s enough for the first post on this topic.

With this thing on, it's difficult to wear a tight-lipped smile. So people, bear with this horrible sight. ahaha
I need to brush my teeth. Heheee.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Great Depression of A Butter-fly

Assuming I am at the center, within a radius of 7 meters... Two people are playing games. yeah, I know. life can be rather mundane some days. I am, as usual at my brother's. 

That tiny gorgeous creature is sleeping beautifully in a modern cradle. 

I've been considering about moving out of here. Wonder if life is more promising somewhere else. A home can be like a cocoon sometimes, it provides you with a security you ever asked. It is safe, but to spread your wings, you still need to get out of it.

I am no butterfly though. A butter is sticky and melting, thus, it cannot fly. Sizzle a fresh salmon on a flat frying pan with a bit of salted butter and pepper. It'll send you off your feet. hey, you're flying?!

I am a reckless driver. I drove up a road divider, almost got hit by an ice truck and sent a bikers off the road. It all happened in the same month. I should drive a tank. No, that's dangerous for others. Should consider taking a heli licence. 

I am bored. Care for a ride?

Being jobless for too long is depressing, unless someone can sponsor you for a superb holiday. I went to London again the other night. In a dream so real. Was that a sign?

It's time to be that annoying aunt....