Monday, October 22, 2007



Celik mata disapa suria

Sekalung usia merangkak dewasa

Kelak esok dan esok yang menjelma

Maka dewasa menjadi tua

Ini fitrah kita

Namun bukan janji pasti setiap jiwa

Kerana esok yang menjelma

Bukan milik kita

Hari ini yang diberi nyawa

Bukan milik kita

Semalam yang mencoret cerita

Bukan milik kita

Setiap jiwa ada tarikhnya

Persis segala perkara ada luputnya

Seawal jiwa dberi nyawa

Semurni janji didepan pencipta

Seluhur bersih saat nafas pertama

Seredup cinta si bonda

Ruh dan jasad bersatu mula jejak pertama

Jejak ke sebuah dunia

Ahh.. dalamnya ada pelbagai perkara

Indahnya sementara

Namun kita manusia

Sering lupa dan tergoda

Bergolak dengan dosa pahala

Diiring sedar dan lupa

Benar…kita hanya manusia

Tapi kita didunia, bertamu sahaja

Itu jangan kita lupa

Sekalipun kita pelupa

Jiwa akan kembali ke penciptanya

Ditimbang amal seusia nyawa

Tiket ke syurga mahal harganya

Maka usia janga dipersia

Syukur pada sehari usia yang ada

Esok tidak tahu bagaimana

Usia itu kurnia

Kelak bakal ditanya

Moga nafas sehela menjadi saksi kesyurga

Bukan seabad usia menempa neraka.

ASR’ OCT 22, 2007

Sekalung puisi untuk kakanda (k. akma) di ulang tahun kelahirannya....22 Oct 2007... Moga dalam rimbun kasihNya selalu...

Monday, October 15, 2007


Every now and then, Look at all your friends
And see how good they are, And if they fear Allah
Cause more often than not, those great friends you got
Those friends you know so well, will only make you fail

Who are them people that you hang with and gang with
I thought you said your Muslim and respect you demand it
You say they understand it, know about your habits
You say its safe to chill with them so knowledge they can have it
Well ya that’s kinda true, because the dawa that we do
Gotta teach them al-Islam cause right now it's kinda new
But yo, what's up with your homie, I wanna know
Why you keep him as a friend he be mad phony
It's like I see "AstagfirAllah" written on his head
You know the kinda guy he is cause all the things he said
I see lots of trippin' and sinning is not at minimal
All the people round the block know he's a criminal
The others are no better, Instead of
Following your ways, they follow kafirs to the letter
You never try to get a, moment of their time see to sit with them and shed a -
Light on their evil ways, over many days
Your in faith in Allah, it decays
You say you teach them morals with Islam as your source
But you follow their ways and they don’t follow yours
Scores of bad deeds coming your way,
See it's only with the Muslim that I chill with night and day
I keep shaytan at bay, so a mu'min I will stay.
I got good Muslims left, got good Muslims on my right
The others are my friends but I try to give light
I'm trying to give them sight so I spend hours with' em
But the folks that I role with they are only Muslim.
Cause Islam is my deen and I am trying to uphold it,
So only Muslims do I role with.

Bad bad brotherhood, do me no good
Are they your friends cause they live in your hood
Are they your crew cause, uh, what would do, if uh
You said good bye to folk you always knew, They'll say
We don’t need you and what you'll be alone
Spend hours bored maybe stuck in your home.
Or hmm maybe you're scared that uh, Muslims are weird,
And uh, they only worry of the Hijab and beard
So no, you hang with them, but who you trying to fool,
It's all about your rep your steps to being cool.
Little by little though, you leave the middle road,
You start behaving like them but you don’t even know,
Always you fail, maybe end up in jail,
But uh, there is no bail if you end up in hell
And when you see your scale, you'll beat yourself and yell
Why'd I take him as a friend just so I could chill,
Many Muslim people as friends I could have had
Excuses I made, but I knew that they ain't bad
But you stuck with the dude, with the bad attitude
He was very rude and shrewd and kinda crude.
So listen up here, cause now you're in the loop.
It's time to find a new group to be your troop.
Not just any Muslims they got to have good Iman,
They understand the beautiful plan of Al-Islam
And know about the test of living inside the West
If you find a buddy like that, it be the best
So check who your friends are, you never know,
That maybe your best friend is really your worst foe.

+++ good friends are hard to come by...pious one is even harder... i thank Allah for my friends.. our ukhwah is really beautiful... seems like its my first time living in a great circle of friends... i love u all, my friends... uhibbukum..fillah..


Lately things have been so stressed for you
It seems like life is trying to mess with you and pester you
You thought you knew exactly what to best pursue
You working hard on those things that you set to do
But you confess it's true that your success is few
And your folks are only helping in depressing you
You try to do the Deen but they be stressing you
And it gets to you but you suppress that too
An exam, you go and study day and night
You pray and write, hope for a grade you like
But when you get the test you're in dismay and fright
There's no A in sight and only 8 were right, wow!
And what about the sister you enquired about
She's so pious, devout that it required a scout
But then you get the news her Wali fired you out
They were wired, no doubt, to someone higher in clout
Lately its seems that your calling in life
Is just you falling in strife
The word appalling is right
And you notice you've been feeling sick, why who knows
So you call upon the doctor she can eye it close
She tells you I suppose, that you wont be very happy when I diagnose
Although you try your hardest not to cry it shows
It's a monster load, and your strength is sinking
You start wondering and thinking

What's going on? it seems all wrong, why am I the one struggling along?
I don't know why I'm hurting, I never hurt nobody
My life I'm living right, but it's crumbling around me
How strong is my faith this time? (got to pass the test)
Will my solution include Haram? (got to pass the test)
I gotta be strong during times like these, (got to pass the test)
I know after hardship there goes ease! (got to pass the test)

It's a test, (from Allah), a test (from your Lord), it's a test (what you gonna do?), gotta realize it's a test (4x)

Folks used to say you were smarty kid
Others made mistakes but you hardly did
Since then man, life has just been marvelous
You stand tall like an obelisk
It's obvious
Your high paying job is never arduous
Your living in your crib and you got marble this and marble that
Others dream to rival that
And your blessed to never draw major debt
because success is your motto nothing keeps you down
Passing peeps in town, yo by leaps and bounds
People clapping when you talk because of deep renown
You drive Hummers and top model jeeps around
You know its bad and haram to be a miser and boast
But your healthier and wealthier and wiser than most
You gotta an adviser to those, who try to propose
Cause there's so many potentials that they line up in rows
You got it all, the power the money the wealth
Your thinking God's gotta love you more than anyone else
But wait Whoa wait a second, this isn't what your thinking
You gotta stop and think why you getting all the blessings
Don't want to let it shake ya, or let the devil make ya
Forget to praise Allah and then fail the test your taken
No doubt you're gonna try your best
Gotta be thankful and pray no less
Already gotta head up above the rest
Cause you realize this is just a test

So face it, in life, you'll be tested at times
The devil, he's bright, don't let him mess with your mind
Yo, we're blessed, the Divine, which is the best for mankind
So He (God) gives us exams so don't get stressed out and whine
Even the best of all humanity was tested Himself
Allah can test us with calamity or test us with wealth
Can you hold back from profanity and focus yourself
Or maybe keep away from vanity and function in stealth
It's tough, trust me I know that it's rough
But after pain comes ease and you'll be blessed from above
I hope when the time for my test comes along I will cope and I'll find I'll be blessed when I'm strong
So my people, when life is a mess
You gotta focus and realize, this could be your test.

P/S---> well, the song might not sounds that appealing..but the lyric is really good...alhamdulillah... dedicated to all my muslim brothers n sisters and whosoever find him or herself in difficult circumstances...(im included..+_+) remember..its just a test from Allah...

Sunday, October 14, 2007


aku kira lagu ini sgt menyentuh hati aku.. mebayangkan esokku dgerbang mahsyar, sbelum di bawa diri menghadap mahkamah tuhanku...
p/s---> slack sket lagu ni psal sebut 'talkin'... kan ke talkin tu bidaah...adui la... dminta kpd penulis lagu, selidik baik2 apa2 yang nak djadikan lirik lagu.. otherwise, well done n menginsafkan...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Ramadhan bakal pergi... dan aku bakal dimabuk rindu lagi.. ahhh..ramadhan... alangkah cepat kau berlalu.. apakah aku telah mempersiakan hadirmu... jejak kelmarinmu...bagai tidak ku isi sempurna...malam-malam bersama mu..apakah aku hanya tidur lena... ramadhan..masih punyakah jodoh kita utk episod seterusnya....

Ramadhan kali ini..bukan sekadar episod baru dalam hidupku...tapi anjakan jiwa yg jitu... Ramadhan kali ini membawa cerita... ku lihat manusia pada neraca berbeza... mungkin kadangkala masih terantuk pada neraca hamba yang sering lupa.. tapi, neraca tuhanku mula ku terbiasa... menilai tekad dan harapan, kesungguhan dan perngorbanan dan natijah bukanlah persoalan... bicara seorang teman, Ramadhan kali ini suatu penapisan... aku kira... ada kebenaran... hidayah itu bukan suatu khazanah simpanan... diberi lalu dsemadikan... apabila perlu atau mahu maka dijadikan gadaian.... Hidayah itu, hadirnya bagai cahaya, jika ruang tidak dibuka, biar sesinar mana cahaya yang ada..tiada akan mampu menembusi ruang yang gelita...cahaya yg terbiar akan sirna dan akhirnya hilang entah ke mana....

seperti mata yang lama terpejam, apabila disinar cahaya silaunya terasa tajam... namun selepas seketika, mata akan terbiasa..bahkan pastinya selesa dlm tampok cahaya berbanding cerok gelita...maka dapatlah ditatap segala indah alam buana... namun bila degil menguasai mata... dipejam semahu-mahunya...biar tahu cahaya itu indah hakikatnya... kerna takut tajam kilau yang seketika....nikmat indah buana disinar cahaya dipersia.... ahhh... alangkah ruginya... begitulah hidayah dlm jiwa..dan hati itu mata... perit memang terasa di saat ingin bermula.... namun disaat kemanisannya terasa...ahh...sukar ku gambar nikmatnya....

Prolog suatu titik mula... memang... setiap sesuatu ada mulanya... perlu pendorong mahupun pemaksa atau secara suka rela... apa sahaja..segalanya membawa kepada sesuatu yang disebut 'mula'... permulaan terindah adalah permulaan dengan rela... tiada paksa...jiwa suka... senyum sahaja... tapi aku kira ini jarang berlaku dalam perkara mulia... terutamanya yang melibatkan revolusi jiwa.. ahh fitrah manusia aku kira... yang baik sering terasa terpaksa... aku akui, aku begitu pada mulanya...namun tekad itu ubat...dan hadirnya taufik seiring taubat.... aku sering ingat...Allah itu maha memberi rahmat...memang terasa berat lagi lambat...tapi aku tak mahu sesat.. lalu aku terus mula... kadangkala rasa luar biasa, kadangkala rasa janggal pula... tapi seperkara, ku lakukan bukan kerna manusia... biar apa mereka bicara... biar apa nista mahupun cerca... semua itu, cubaan semata... menduga iman di dada... pernah juga hatiku bersuara..sejauh mana ikhlas di dada..jika perkara paksa..sering ikhlasnya tiada..benar..itu hakikatnya... namun..demi tuhan... usaha insan ke arah kebaikan pasti dipaut selautan pertolongan... hati yang mahu biarpun penuh keberatan... pada permulaan begitu perlahan... namun kuasa tuhan juga yang mencampakkan keikhlasan... berat dan sarat... diubati dengan taat menjadi rambu-rambu kemanisan yang membuahkan keikhlasan... yaa.. keikhlasan itu hadir selepas tindakan... tiada dapat dipastikan andai hanya berdiam dan menerawang fikiran... bahkan kalau sekadar menanti..ku bimbang tiada hadir sepanjang jalan...campakkan ikhlas ke dalam hatiku oh tuhan...

Masa... ya namaku masa... namun apa ada pada nama... nilai dan erti itu lebih utama... alasan berlapis alasan menjadi setan dalam jiwa...aku hairan... masa itu sama bagi setiap insan... begitu juga di bulan ramadhan... namun ada insan...begitu kaya masanya untuk tuhan, begitu tersusun urusan seharian... ahh..apa masanya ada kelebihan???...dimana silapku yang sering menjadikan masa alasan dan sandaran kebertimbunan urusan...betapa bakhilnya diriku menginfakkan masa untuk tuhan... pernah terlintas di fikiran...jika ku memilih jalan kebenaran...maka masaku berkurangan...urusan ku tidak kesampaian....ah..bodoh... bukankah masa itu dari tuhan... Dia yang menciptakan..bahkan bersumpah bahawa manusia dalam kerugian... kecuali jika beriman dan saling memberi ingatan... dan masa depan... apa aku khuatir cita-citaku tidak kesampaian.. terlalu taat pada unsur ketuhanan...maka sia-sia biasiswa kerajaan..pulangnya tiada khidmat dicurahkan sebaliknya memilih meminda haluan, menjadi penggerak pelbagai kesatuan... aduh.. mahu ketawa bila ingatan seawal revolusi menerjah fikiran... sekali ku ingatkan pada diri..bukankah masa depan itu di tangan tuhan... berusahalah sehebat mana... tanamlah cita setinggi purnama dan impilah gaji berjuta... namun jika ditakdirkan semua itu bukan milik kita.. mungkin surirumah sepenuh masa juga...biarpun phd sepenuh bonet kereta...ahh..ketawa... dan lebih tragis peristiwa...jika mati menjemput usia...sebelum tgn mengenggem ijazah...sebelum menyentuh kunci rumah...sebelum memiliki kereta mewah... dan paling ngeri... sebelum kukuh kalimah syahadah dan sebelum cukup amal ibadah...nauzubillah...

Epilog hari esok yang ku bimbang...tiada janji mahupun kata pasti..esok masih milik ku lagi... hari ini... jari-jari ini menari di atas papan kekunci... dan rindu Ilahi masih memenuh segenap ruang hati... aku bimbang pada hri esok.. jika dkembalikan jiwa ke dalam diri...apakah rindu ini masih menghuni... apakah manis hidayah yg dikurnia masih bersisa di pembuluh rasa hati... apakah iman meninggi atau menurun kembali... dan seandainya pejamnya mataku adalah undangan pulang dari tuhanku... apakah redhaNya mengiringiku... apakah sekeping hati yang bakal bersaksi menjadi tiket aku ke firdausi...atau...ahh..gentar sanubariku memikirkan perihal ini....Ya Allah...aku tidak mahu prolognya indah, epilognya gundah... biar jatuh...parah pasrah lemah dan berdarah.... sepenuh jiwa aku berserah...kurnikan aku teguh jiwa dalam rimbun redup hidayah....