Sunday, June 13, 2010

Going Solo ;p

For last three years, no… maybe last two years… (when was living in the city)… one of the things that I really2 enjoyed is a solo stroll around city…. It has been a while since I last did that… and today, due to the sold-out 100gsm A3 paper in two office works nearby… I got to go to another office work in Elsternwick which is not that far but for someone who has a really bad sense of direction despite all sorts of maps, city links apps in the phone… it’s quite a challenging trip. Hahaa… it adds to the challenge that they are doing some refurbishments with the tram tracks… therefore, I need to take bus to get there. For God sake, I couldn’t recall myself taking a bus since I lived in Melbourne. Maybe there were a couple of times… but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t on my own.

However, it ‘s a success… and to my surprise, I really enjoy my solo outing to the heart… hahaa… I feel so me again…

Just one thing… I never enjoy eating alone… never ever… but I don’t really mind… it’s just that, there is no delight… no nikmah… but I do eat alone occasionally, because I have too and I don’t have that much energy to starve myself… hahaa…

Cuma teringat, a couple of years back then… I was on my solo outing in KLCC, spent some hours reading at kinokuniya.. I got hungry then went for some late lunch at secret recipe.. and there were these two well-dressed young ladies, sitting at the next table… well… I was on my mp3… they might have thought I couldn’t hear them… but I did. The conversation was something like this;

Lady A: eh, you pernah tak makan sorang…. Eh, I tak boleh la makan sorang… sgt loner.
Lady B: ha’a laa… mcmana eh orang boleh keluar jalan-jalan dan makan sorang-sorang.

God! I was like “helllloooooo, I can hear you girls…”

Well, maybe they were not talking about me, but gosh! I was alone having my meal next to their table… and there were not that many people around…

Oklah… whatever… I don’t know, but it’s kind of okay and fun to take a solo stroll here… besides, the public transportation is good, so I don’t have to worry much about getting lost because I can always find my way back. But I realized that it’s kind of awkward back in Malaysia.

Its true… I hate going shopping alone in Malaysia... I need a company to give opinions on things that I want to buy. But if I want to go to a bookstore, it takes a really patient person to accompany me… or, someone who simply loves spending hours flicking through pages of books that she/he might not buy. ngeheee...

Or someone, who loves to read.

I’m going home in four days.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A rock is always a rock. Even if you smashed it hard… the broken parts are still rocks… tiny stones maybe… but it is still the same thing and a broken piece is not the strongest form of a rock.… but only water… not a sudden gush of water…. No, not that one… that would probably just wash it away… or move it to another shore maybe… but the flowing water… persistent and constant but subtle… only such will change the rock… it’ll change the shape.. the surfaces… the colour…. and the composition.

But sometimes…a river runs dry… and the rock hasn't changed…

::would you be a river... a river that flows forever........? ::