Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Rationale of Calling An Adult "Baby"

Baby baby baby oooh....

No, I don't really listen to Bieber, I suppose, that is the only line out of all his songs that I know of.

Now people, I have an announcement to make. 

We have a new member of the family! yay! and she is so God-knows adorable!

The family hasn't had any baby for like 6 years, the youngest one was in standard one. Now she was born, everyone is really excited. I am excited! ahaha. and it has been 7 days but she hasn't got a name. While the parents are being indecisive, her 7 yr old brother decided that she should just be called "baby". She is baby Baby!

*cuteness overload*

Babies are cute. God made them cute and lovable. So we love them, even when they cry, even when they poo. Should they make a mess, we'll clean after them, feed them when they are hungry, hug them to sleep and kiss them all over the place, sing them the sweetest lullaby, forgive them when they get on our nerves, dress them with the best clothes you can afford, and laugh, laugh as they laugh... and a twinge of smile from their tiny lips make your day. 

So I suppose, when you call an adult 'baby', that person must be, cute and lovable to you.... and must be so dear like... uhm uhm uhm....a baby to you.... 

and you don't hurt babies. 

so that song, what was it called? I remember listening to it back in Melbourne with the girls... the one with the lyrics "baby baby jangan kau marah...." what was the title, I don't know. but yeah, I have a good reason to find it very annoying and loathsome. 

so yeah... "don't call me baby..." who sang the song? ah, I don't really remember singers.

Monday, January 30, 2012

One Afternoon, I Wrote...

It is a quiet afternoon, I'm sitting on the most comfortable chair I could find in this house, my brother's house. My eldest brother lives a door away from my parents, and my second brother built a house in the nighest land of my father... My eldest sister, bought a house not so far from here, it takes about 20-30 minutes to get here by car... I know, I used to go to school near her house. 

I am the youngest of the family. The rest are married and... I suppose happy.

I haven't got a house of my own. I live with my parents.

The ceiling fans are spinning real fast. Here in Malaysia, almost everybody is famous, for most of us have at least a fan, and we keep our fans at home. Some hang in the ceilings, some keep them standing on the side, like bodyguards, who spin. These days however, the riches are losing their fans. 

I'm yet 25. Almost, no not really. 24 still. sounds better, younger for sure. What is there really in a mind of a 24 yr old girl? a girl? or is she,uhm... a woman? I don't know. 

Pause. Sambal kerang is on the stove. A pinch more of salt. ho yeah, done.

And I asked. Is light really the fastest traveler? I believe he isn't. A mind is, I presumed. and it travels through time. Funny that, it moves faster when you body is still. Perhaps it's just me. Look at me, my head is still, tilting downward, my eyes wink occasionally, often caused by a touch of the foreign creature in the air. My feet are barely touching the floor leaving the appearance of a slight limp. Only my fingers are moving, and my eyes, they are following the movement of my fingers, switching to the screen alternatively. 

But my mind. She just came back from year 2003, the day I moved to a different school. She went to Melbourne, digging the details of a tram track where a tram ought to change it's direction. She visited London Christmas Theme Park and back on Sambal Kerang. An a moment ago, she wanders through the most delusional vision, a dream home of mine, complete with the households.

I'm jobless. Yet I dream so much. No, dreams happen when you sleep. I hope so much. That is more correct. Two things on earth that were never affected by gravity are hope and love. One soars up high on its own accord defeating gravity and the other fall endlessly even in the vacuum.When you posses both, you struggle to get a hold of reality. No, no... you do get a hold of reality, they both are real... but they provide an alternative reality in which many of us, can easily get lost. But hey, it's a lot more beautiful and pleasantly livable than the unyielding reality where everything is real, including pain and suffering. It's okay to get lost, sometimes, provided you constantly move... Thus, one must not be in a phase longer than he should be. I need to get a job.

It's time for lunch. How about, nasi with sambal kerang, ikan air asam, sayur sawi, ikan goreng and sambal?

Bon Appetite. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Of The Recent Past and Magic


Hullo! , it has been so long. Many times had I intended to write a post, but ended up with nothing but a series of blank drafts. They were words of course, chunks of alphabets that probably do carry meaning as individuals but make no sense what so ever as a sentence. Blank like my days, vacuous like my mind and empty like my heart.

Okay, enough with the drama.
Frankly speaking, my days ain’t so blank, albeit jobless… I loiter around running some errands. My mind is often pretty occupied with things the world doesn’t have to know… and my heart, a heart is never empty when it’s home. J

This is my very first post from home since I’m back for good. And as I said, I’m still jobless, looking for job, if that sounds a bit more optimistic. Ahaha.. I miss Melbourne but I’m not going to go long into that.

So my updates? Well, a day after my graduation which attended only by the Malaysia Hall warden and a friend, I flew home, with a heavy heart.

What awaited me was somehow exciting. I had tickets to London booked, along with my niece and nephew. So to UK I went. Spent, most of my holidays in Oxford where my brother is staying and fall in love with the place.

I had to admit that I didn’t get to visit that many places, but Oxford alone is worth of the travel. The place is rich of beauty and history. Went to London for 3 days, again… most interesting places were off-visits for it was Christmas. Most museum were closed, and boxing day was… fuhh, hectic.

A drooling swan in Hyde Park. out of all photos, I have no idea why is this one chosen for the post. ahaha

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t exchange anything for my London trip. Life, does take a funny turn sometimes. Like in the Disney movie, I came up close to saying something like… I believe in magic. Not in a sense of fairies, dragons and wizards… but in term of how something so dreamlike could ever really happen, bring back to life a breathless hope, reawaken a faith, mend a heart and turn the world around. as someone might have said “it works wonders when you see someone face to face” or something along that line. Okay enough, I’m being mellow, ain’t I?

Anyway, I do wish to go to Europe again and visit a whole lot more places. I wish to see the beauty of St Basil Cathedral who ripped off the sight of her architects, fall in love under Rialto Bridge, tell Eifel that the lady who claimed to be her wife is envious of his fame, weep at the Ottoman’s ruin and kiss the blue sky of Santorini. Someday, I shall visit them all… and I shall take a stroll in Hyde Park again… where the most beautiful thing in the universe found its way back to me. InshaAllah. It all shall happen someday.

So what else, oh yeah, I’ve got my teeth wired!! Ahaha. Yeah, I’m now wearing braces for heaven’s sake after years of loathing my smile. There goes, the inferior side of me, exposed. Ahaha. I think the experience is worth sharing especially for adults planning to wear braces, thus it deserves a different post altogether..

I’ll blog about it soon inshaAllah.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012