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On Counterfeit Milk

Back in 2008, we heard of The Chinese Milk Scandal, thousands of babies become victims, some died. That was the year when I first heard the danger of melamine. I remember it was a concern then regarding plates and food container we used at home for they are known as melamine wares. Melamine was the substance that was said, added to the formula to increase their volume  God forbid such incident happens in this country or anywhere else. 
Those premises that were caught red handed should be named to the public. From the comments, many insisted the brand of the milk should not be blurred out, I believe it is just as important for the public to know the suppliers and premises that were/are selling them, if they can fake out one brand, what's stopping them from doing the same to the other brands on their shelves. 

This is a serious concern. KPDNKK, AHDA, Abbotts, MeadJohnsons or even maybe Fonterra should do something and for us consumers, there is still no rule or guide in identifying…
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This is a draft from 2 years ago, and I should have posted it right then.

I have written so much here. 
For years that have passed, I sent my words into space, and hope for nothing. I wrote, because words swelled in my head, and my tongue tied tight, failed to communicate to people around me, and my heart often searched for people out of my reach, my tear ducts are small, it often burst at the shoulder of a bed instead of finding a soul to rest my head, so this place is the reservoir of my feelings, a dumping place of my useless thoughts, occasionally a good ones, and and arcade of the moments, things and people I wish to remember.
But today I need to tell the world that life has turned out so differently for me. All the melancholic and bitterness I had narrated here seem so distant. My heart had finally found a home. 



Apparently this blog still exist.
Apparently I haven't been writing here for a very long time.
Apparently life is so much different now.
Apparently I'm not always keen to share it with the world anymore.
Apparently I'm just too busy or, is it too lazy.

Writing is good though.
I should be back.
I will be back.

There are things, not very interesting things,
but worth sharing, if not with the world, at least, with my future self...

I will be back.

Pakcik Genius Suruh Tgk Noddy

So we went to the baby fair, oh did I ever mention here that we're expecting.
Surprised! :)
Alhamdulillah, the baby is due on this Raya Haji, inshaAllah. You'll see a mini me soon. I still can't imagine mothering a child, but we are excited and scared at the same time. May Allah ease it all for us, amen.
Back on the baby fair, we met this pak cik who promoted some sort of 'advise' on child education, he's selling some programme I believe, though I don't quite remember what it is.
All that I could recall he was saying something about every child is born a genius. But only 3% become geniuses, while the rest .. uhm... become 'de-genius-ed' at the age of 3 by the environment or education that we put them in. How true? I don't know and I doubt it. How do you measure a newborn genius-ness? My husband, he wore the best skeptical look in the entire crowd. 
Anyways, true enough, that environment has a massive impact on a person characteristic, that incl…

Love is Agreeing to Disagree.

We are not created similar to each other. The malay proverb says, rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain. You might come from the same root, breathe the same air, eat the same food, wear the same cloth or even sleep on the same bed, but no matter how much we share and we care for each other in this world, in some circumstances we would differ from one another.
Being married taught me that you could love someone so so much that you would give your life to him, but sometimes, you would still have a different opinion from your love one. Different opinion, different preference, different way of doing things and solving an equation. You could be so similar to your spouse in the way that you always pointing at the same bird and smiling at the same rainbow when you both look up to the sky  but the moment you lay your eyes to the ocean, the ocean seems bluer in your eyes but greener in his. The remote island at a far-far away of the horizon seems like a mystical creature that make up your imagina…

Of Stories

Some people like to tell stories, although most of the time the story that they tell is a mere retelling. Some like to write, stories that derive from their experience of maybe pure imagination. Anyhow, I admire people who can write or tell or write and tell stories wonderfully. My husband for example is a good writer, in a sense that he writes, although I might not fancy all of his writings and most of his stories are all unfinished, oh let me rephrase that, 'are yet to finish', I find him wonderful as a writer because he always manage to put his imagination into words beautifully. He manages to bring people into the realm of his imagination. I see myself as an imaginative person as well, I imagine all sort of things that you people don't want to know, yet I do not have the ability to always talk my imagination out, let alone write them and maybe or sadly the fact is most of the times I am just plain lazy. eheh. Sometimes, my husband talks about the stuff that he wants t…

Cloud Seeding

It rains a lot this few days, alhamdulillah. But I read on the star online that the government will continue with cloud seeding because the water volume in dams in the Klang Valley is yet back at safe level.
Anyway, I read up a bit on cloud seeding and how its done.In a laymen term, what I understood is the operation is basically to spray some chemicals commonly used (silver iodide or dry carbon dioxide) onto the selected clouds.. The chemical will then vaporize with the existing droplets in the cloud or on its own depending on the type of chemical used... and induce rain.
I wonder to what extent does cloud seeding is dangerous for health and how much it costs for every operation and why are we not focusing on the haze issue at its core or global warming in general and bigger course instead of resorting to such a temporary solution. Need to do more reading. 
Oh yeah, heard that the petrol price Ron 95 will increase again tonight. Third time since I moved here a year ago. Haish.