Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cloud Seeding

It rains a lot this few days, alhamdulillah. But I read on the star online that the government will continue with cloud seeding because the water volume in dams in the Klang Valley is yet back at safe level.

Anyway, I read up a bit on cloud seeding and how its done.In a laymen term, what I understood is the operation is basically to spray some chemicals commonly used (silver iodide or dry carbon dioxide) onto the selected clouds.. The chemical will then vaporize with the existing droplets in the cloud or on its own depending on the type of chemical used... and induce rain.

I wonder to what extent does cloud seeding is dangerous for health and how much it costs for every operation and why are we not focusing on the haze issue at its core or global warming in general and bigger course instead of resorting to such a temporary solution. Need to do more reading. 

Oh yeah, heard that the petrol price Ron 95 will increase again tonight. Third time since I moved here a year ago. Haish.

Allahu musta'an.

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