Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Real Men Hug

I posted this photo on instagram, but I had to put it up here as well, because it's just plain beautiful and I want to remember it. On days when I had some extra time to read my old post, I wish to come across this photo and look at it and smile, the way it makes me smile today.

That's my ayah and his friends in the photo.Ayah is in green baju melayu and white ketayap . If you know my dad, he is not all cuddly and affectionate. I meant with hugs and kisses, unlike mum, I think mums in general like to smooch her kids. Its normal for dad to show a rather stoical characteristic. 

Anyways, I guess other than wisdom, aging also brings up the tender side of a person. Back to the photo, it was taken on my wedding day. My ayah is hugging his friends, that's a real brotherly hug, you can sense sincerity by just looking at the picture.. it's so beautiful... a friend said it's cute and I have to agree. It is cute. But I guess if anyone should ask me, how do you define ukhwah in 30 seconds, I'll show him this picture. 

It's good to see ayah smile like that. :)

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