Thursday, August 4, 2011

Creepy Me in my Poems

For the first time in my architecture-life, I'm bringing my poems into architecture. What's more interesting is, I use my poems in their original form, by this I mean, in Malay language. Now everybody in my class knows how Malay language sounds like. ahaha...

The project is pretty much investigating the space between poems. The atmosphere of hearing two poems recited simultaneously. Sounds that make space, space that's defined by sound. Seriously, I don't really know how it'll work out... but hey, just having some experimentation with stuff a bit off-architecture... a break from my headache major project. Plus, I kinda enjoy making people listen to my poems without expecting them to understand a word... rather then, reciting to a bunch of people who understand but couldn't 'appreciate' them... and yeah, I receive some flattering comments from 'mat-salleh' course mate like...

"when something is well written, even you can't understand it... you can kinda tell it"

hahahhahahahaa.... ok.

here's how my superimposed poems sound like.

Spacebetweebpoems01 by asriahtalib

*heyyyyy! don't laugh!**malu la mcmni*

creepy much ey? hahaaa... I myself kinda like how the word 'mati' singularly ends the poem... *psycho alert*

they seem to enjoy it though. and.. oh! these poems are I guess the most emotional ones I had in my collection, well... I mean among those that I published on the blog. of course there are a lot more psycho emotional insensible poems in my private collection. hahaa...

rasa kena record lain, dahla record malas2...if you notice in one of the poems I miss pronounced the word 'tiada' as 'tayada'... hahaha... punya malas nak rakam lain... such half-assed recording for the sake of the assignment. now I know that I have to make a public installation, I better re-record it properly.

anyways...since the tutor wants to 'immerse' in my voice (that's the exact word he used)... I guess, I gotta make them creepier... so that he'll get goosebumps!!!

this is so mengarut.

oh, btw I just realise that it makes me smile when people call me a poet, but for some unknown reasons, I feel like I have to put on a serious expression when I was called an architect.


M.A.S. said...

Salam wrm wbt

As, sbg wakil SSCC, boleh tak nak re-post entry ni ke dalam blog RMITArchiBlog?

Kiambang said...

Wslm wrm wbkt.

Boleh ja. tp ni bahasanya rojak. ahaha. cmana?

M.A.S. said...

xpe2, boleh translate. Thanks!

Kalau kenal sesape dari RMIT yang blog pasal archi gak, tlg inform eh.

Atau ajak la student lain yg as jumpa kat elektif / major project utk share experience diorg kat blog SSCC, esp dalam design studios.

Dalam bahasa cina/melayu pun boleh. Nnt kami cuba translate.

Boleh emel kat
atau PM di facebook

M.A.S. said...

as, boleh mintak teks puisi tu tak?

Kiambang said...

ni teksnya... nk translate jugak ka?
takyah la kot dak?

M.A.S. said...

ok, xperlu kot puisi asal.

just nk minta tlg satu, td try nk embed puisi tu tak dapat. Boleh tlg send embed code tak?

Muaz Nabil said...

menarik. tapi susah nak tangkap kalau dgq saja. :D

Kiambang said...

ahahaha... apa la muaz.. org puteh dgr depa kata

"its almost like I understand it"