Monday, August 29, 2011

O' Stranger

I came to RMIT (my uni) hurriedly this morning.. worrying not be able to get any computer to work on for I wasn't as early as I should have been... there are only a few computer labs in this design school and during weekdays like this, some of the labs are used for teaching and only one or two are available for students, and most of the time, if you're late... most of the computers are already taken... Since my computer is now old and lazy, not to mention making sounds like the engine of an aeroplane.... I prefer to work at RMIT, the computer is faster, the softwares are all uptodate, faster and unlimited internet connection, I procrastinate less etc etc etc....

Anyway, on my way here... as usual, I took a tram... however the pakcik tram (driver) seemed to be a little careless this morning, he stopped the tram so sudden causing me who was standing without holding on a thing to loose my balance andddddd.... fell... well, almost did. but was saved... by a stranger... *say: aaauuuwwww~*

In that instance... it occured to me that sometimes in this life, it takes a stranger to catch you when you fall.

Thus, be kind to strangers... and be a good stranger too.

Oh! and I arrived at RMIT just to realise there aren't many people around or any class running... which reminds me.. this week is actually a holiday.. its the spring break. oh well, my supervisor refuses to acknowledge the cuti ponnnn...

here I am at RMIT, still having this strange fuzzy feeling from falling on a stranger... haha... and sitting on my favourite spot at the computer labs. I like this computer, it's at the corner of the room. I can see the whole room from here :)

ok. I should start working. oh btw... enjoy these final days of Ramadhan. ;) Allah Bless.


chimidama said...

stalked! <3

Kiambang said...

shidaaaaa!!! thank u for stalking me! :D