Monday, November 22, 2010

I don't look good blonde.

Kaklong: Adik, jom kita pi Pulau Aman.
Me: Nak buat apa pi tengok polis?

OK. saya konfius. yang tu Bukit Aman. Pulau Aman is actually one of the mini islands around Penang. Yes. I never knew that. I think, there's a feri named after it... but how would I ever know it's existence? 

photo taken from here
I do know some other small islands around here like Pulau Jerejak and... and... and... ok. failed. 

Nephew: Makcik, baba ajak p Sedim
Me: Malas laa.. nak buat apa. Mak, depa nak p Sedim buat apa?
Mak: Tgk tanah.
Brother: Siap! cepat
Me: OK la.

Bila semua orang dah siap. 

Me: Eh?! Awat semua orang pakai mcm nak p jogging ja?
Nephew: Yala, nak mandi ayaq terjun, makcik taktau ka?
Me: hmmph! (cepat2 grab another shirt and pants)

Brother: Mai ayaq terjun pakai punya raget
Me: fine, next time org bawak pelampung. 

fuh, tgk budak zaman skrg... ke air terjun mcm ke kolam renang.
siap pakai goggles. mainan pantai. heh... 

haih... dah besar2 dah anak menakan.

Ok. semua orang tau ka kat Sedim ada air terjun? Maybe I should know because I'm orang utara. I do know some other waterfalls like Bukit Hijau and Hutan Lipur, though.

Masa tingkatan 3 dulu, subjek geografi hanya best sebab boleh kaler peta. hahaha. ok, padan muka. tempat sendiri pun tak kenal. 

Haish... this is not good. when it comes to geography, I feel like a blonde. hahaa... tak boleh jadi ni. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wish #04

I wish to be a TV presenter. 
A childhood dream that never dies, probably will never happen too.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello! I'm a sixteen y/o. You?

"laaa, bila balik ni....?"
"awat nampak seghoh (semakin kurus) sangat? tinggai haluih (halus = kecil) hang duk sana?"
"brapa taun lg? ni kak Ra (bukan nama sebenar) kat Mesir lg 6 taun"
"nanti ajak tok p rumah" (referring to my mum)

1. I come to realize that whenever people ask 'when did you come back?' my standard answer would always be, 'few weeks ago'...

2. A few people has noted that I've grown thinner in some ways. That includes my dad n brother. Apparently, not eating properly throughout this year has taken it's toll on me.

3. Judging from my physical appearance, people always think I'm younger than my age. I suppose, it's not so bad if you're in your 40s... in fact, it's something I wish would happen when I grow old.  However, to be mistakenly thought as a high school student when you are at your best age of adulthood is so not cool. I wonder if this would be a problem in getting a job in the future. Would people trust me to be a site architect? Even my previous boss once said," if you were to be placed at a site, you'll definitely fall sick". Do I look that fragile?

4. I know how great it is to be a doctor... but I'm not becoming a doctor, despite my 5 year long studying abroad. Fullstops.

5. Still, it's funny when a neighbor addressed her 5 year younger granddaughter as 'kak' to me, until I reminded her that I'm the same age as her eldest grandson.

6. This is the worst... a distant relative deliberately mistaking me for being my niece, my abg ngah's daughter. She's 12.

7. If I were really 16, I'm almost as good as Sheldon...doing a master degree at this age. haha.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


 Happy Eid! 

Commonly, Malaysian Eid celebration wouldn't be complete without ketupat.. so this time around, I'm gonna show you how to wrap a Ketupat Palas (sticky rice dumpling)... 

Frankly speaking I'm not a good cook (I should say, not yet), but wrapping ketupat palas is something I can proudly teach anyone. hahaha... 

Though it might seem kinda easy, if you fold the leaf to the wrong direction, your ketupat might end up as 'ketupat betina' (female? ketupat)... oh well, how do I explain this, its rather perverse to put a photo or explain... well, doesn't matter... here's the steps of how to wrap a sticky rice ketupat.

1. Fold the wide edge of the leave into a cone shape container

2. Fill it with the half-cooked sticky rice (the rice was cooked with cocunut milk, a few pandan leaves and salt)

3. Fold the tail of the leaf to the left, covering the rice

4. ok, this is a tricky part... and my nephew didn't take the photo properly... haish
Bring the leaf underneath the bunch and fold into a ring shape on the right corner of the ketupat, with the tail of the leaf on the inside under the bunch. This will form a corner of the ketupat or as my mum called it 'the ear' of the ketupat.

5. Pull it tightly, but don't pull too hard... otherwise the leaf will break and unable to contain the rice... the rice will spill out, like guts spilling out of a torn bulging tummy... euuww!
6. Tadaaaa! That's it... a Palas Ketupat... usually, I'll tie a knot with the remaining leaf just to secure the wrap.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy ketupat dah jadi! Muahaha!

Now you can either boil it, or steam it.

Good Luck!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

There's Been A Death in The Opposite House

2 very close relatives (an uncle and cousin) passed away last year.

Yesterday, a neighbor’s grandson involved in an accident, and died.

Last few months, a cousin’s house was caught fire, his wife was severely injured and breathed her last after few days in ICU

My friend was 19 and he was killed in a road accident when I was 18.

Another friend… a year younger, passed away of a lung cancer.

A neighbor whom I don’t remember his name died last month.

We all will eventually die, it’s just the matter of when… and normally whenever the thought of dying visits, it comes with that lame rhetorical question which often left unanswered… Are you ready?

constantly reminded, yet continuously forgetting.... Me!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


At times, you wonder about your own behavior… but when you’re back to where you came from… you know that there is nothing weird about the way you are…and if it’s in the blood, changing it would be a lifelong dream.

Apparently, no one loves snide remarks. Especially when it’s thrown just in your face… funny jokes that ain’t funny… laughter and giggles that crawl into you like poisonous bugs, ripping your flesh of the bones.

But hey, sarcasm works wonders when nothing else matters…. And very often, it leaves you something to live with… something like a derogatory remark about yourself… hahaa… aside from trust, self-confidence is very expensive.

…and many times in my life, I could barely tell the difference between vices and virtues…

I am forever small, looking up to all the great people around me. Life is good.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Dumb Shall Speak

This is my last semester project (Semester 01, 2010) I've been wanting to put this on the blog since it was presented which is about 5 months ago.... but soooooo lazy to adjust and write... and now, I end up chucking in just my speech. 

The Blurred Masterplan

The project is a metaphor of Melbourne city. It is generated by the blur master plan or a blistered satellite view of Melbourne city and its surroundings. The blur master plan is a reverse representation of a typical master plan which is meant to give a different perception about Melbourne city. It represents the fuzziness of Melbourne City, its history, urban life and memories. The reading of the master plan which has been visually interpreted by the idea of distance between the dots hence becomes the rule to generate the form of the building. The rule is explored through three main strategies that response to Venturi’s Complexity and Contradiction. 

Firstly, the project celebrates the interdependency between form and functions. The iterative rule from the blur master plan generates a form for the buildings. However the demands of the functions require additional rooms which could spatially serve the functions. Therefore, the programmatic needs of the building break and blend the generative rule of the form.

Secondly, it deals with the contradiction between ‘form and form’ and ‘form and function’. The whole project is a juxtaposition of complex and simple geometries. The generative form is complex in a sense of its illegibility and the extrusions are pure cylinders intersecting the complex form.

Thirdly, the outcome of the project serves the inherent variety and ambiguity of visual perceptions. The buildings in this project are hiding and emerging between the existing trees that maintain the sense of familiarity and the jagged shapes are vulgarly flowing. The project is illegible as a whole, giving variety of experiences as one moves through the site.

It is important to note that the notion of blur in this project is defined through the ambiguity between appearance and experience. It is not trying to expressively appear blurry as it appears in smoke or mist. It is blurry in a sense of lost in the experience of the whole project. The whole project from satellite view appears like a portion of blurred area in the land, camouflaging with the surrounding and vaguely depicting the shape of the building but vividly appear as whole. However from the street level, the existence is vivid but  the project could never be experienced as a whole. The fragmented experiences narrate the blur idea of the whole depending on the side and the angle of view. Almost like the idea of a city (including Melbourne city) where one’s experience and perception are diversified from another depending on personal values, history, lifestyle and memories.

Another element that this project deals with is the cook’s cottage. The cottage is a disputable object. It is an artifact that full of doubts whether it should be celebrated as a reminiscence of glory or a doomsday.  At this depends on whether the acknowledgement comes from the aborigines or the whites. Besides, it is also historically arguable whether Captain Cook had ever lived there.  Therefore the ambiguous status of cook’s cottage is represented in this blur metaphor. The cottage is partially nestled within the whole, giving an idea of uncertainty whether it is inside or outside when it is in fact both, mimicking the dubious relationship of the cottage and Australia.   

The Plan; find the building yo!

see! see! there's The Cook's Cottage

 The Amphitheater, for the first time in my life, I wanna be in my building.
*that's so vain*

 My tutor, Mark Raggat from ARM said; 'it's like in the Mary Poppin'

Macam mainan ja kan?

The following is my additional elaboration about the design process, I tell you it's really crappy, wrote them few minutes before the presentation. so bear with the grammar and all. my grammar is rarely correct anyway.

How did  I design?

The dots become connectors , or generators of the buildings

Remember when we were young, we learn to draw things and learn numbers by connecting dots exercise... It is something similar to that

The image that creates the dots exercise is a clear thing, for example, a horse. But someone makes it ambiguous by turning it into a series of dots, which when connected, produce a horse again, but obviously the horse looks different from the real one depending on the beauty of lines or in another word the child that draws it… and as well, the traces of the dots is still there. The outcome would never appear exactly like the original image of a horse.

In this design, it’s all begun with a real satellite photo of the site, a readable photo of the site. Which hence turn blister using rasterbater. Like a child who does know what could it become, I connect all this dots, and out of it, I got a building, well.. a few buildings to be exact.

But this is architecture, obviously it has to be more than just learning the number sequences… the image does not tell me where should I begun and where to connect or even, what colour of pen shold I use to draw.
So there are other studies of the image that generates the rule. Like the child, before doing the dots exercise, she has to learn about numbers and how to read it. 

The Iteration Process

Programs hence used to fashion the process into architecture... most of all, to determine additional height to most spaces which previously formed by connecting the dots.

Following are the process diagram...showing how the cylindrical volumes are extruded to serve the required programmatic space.

p/s: I won't blame you readers if you can't understand what did I blabbered about. It's quite a crazy thing...still I wasn't philosophical enough in my approach of this project if you must know. This project also has strong relationship with Venturi's Complexity and Contradictions. So you may need to read that to understand. But hey, don't bother.... just look at the images... hahaha... it's a land of no where. I doubt I will have any chance in my whole life to design a building like this in my architecture practice. oooh... and I'm sure... some ppl think this sort of iconic crazy philosophical architecture is too vain and nonsensical... not to mention, it's a waste of money.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yay! Changed my blog layout.

I’ve grown sick of dark and gloomy background… besides, it’s spring yo! Flowers are blooming everywhere and the sun shines even on the rainy days, why must I all be sad and moody. Let’s get the mood brightened up a bit.
Anyway, for some reasons the blog header appears to be a bit pixelated, I don’t know why. I’m pretty sure I got the dimension correct, I’ve checked the pixels and all. Anyway, it was way worse when I uploaded the JPEG version, so I tried using PNG and it seems a little bit better, like the above.

I’ve been changing my blog name a couple of times till now. I think, from now on… I shall try to stick with one. I'll use mirpof. Where did I get it from? Oh, it was a typo when I wanted to write…...... heheee… I’ll keep that to myself. But yeah, that was when I first setup this blog… the url accidentally became

It really has no meaning. Unless you can find one for me.


nak balik Malaysia lagi 6 hari, ada orang nak kirim barang?







ahaks! too late!