Monday, April 27, 2009

Against all odds...

I haven't written about school in here for moons... So, I have a couple of things to share...
To begin with, I'm currently doing a design studio called Woven... The studio is basically about making beautiful building.. well, it does sound very general.. Every studio sort of has that intention... Anyway, but the different is, what is behind the design.. I mean, the driving idea... because it could be, the site, programs, occupants etc..etc... but for this studio.. It focuses more on the structure... How does the structure influence the design in making it a good and beautiful building... It's about the relationship between the structure and ornaments.... does structure itself serve as the decorative element of the building.. or is it traditional and the decorations stay independent from the structure... It is a decision to be made...

Initially, I was really excited about the idea of making the structure ornamented and beautiful.. so instead of serving as structure, it could serve more purposes than just boringly being structure... and I do have lots and lots of ideas... As I started developing my design... I find that.. Making a building beautiful is much much more important than making it structurally beautiful.. if u know what I mean... I think more about facade that people look at... rather than structure that holding up the building... Some might think, this is a bit irrational... because, if u have structure that is originally beautiful.. then u don't have to do much on the facade.. I completely agree with that... but what about letting the structure be traditional, simple not necessarily boring... and do lots and lots of work on the facade??? how about that???

Honestly.. I hated that idea very much... I really liked the idea of having the structure decorative.. and I'm like the only one who is making my own project brief... because it almost like everyone sort of has the idea of decorative structure... but, I did my presentation anyway stating that I confidently think that ornament should be independent from the structure... Even though, God knows how much I disliked that idea... but to my surprise.. The guest crits quite happy that I confidently stated my position... and a word, change my world.. one of the guest crit said my building is 'elegance'... that seriously made my day... now, I think that what I'm doing is not bad at all... but, having that position is surely very challenging to me.. 1st.. I'm on my own... 2nd.. all facades have to be extremely gorgeous.. so that it could counterbalance the dumb and boring structure... did i just say boring???.. and.. I'm so really freaking out... Don't know wheather I will be able to do as my tutor expected.. but I guess, nothing else to do but to keep on working hard..and, I got secret weapon, prayer... heee... No turning point, eventhough I'm walking my own path.. brace urself girl! (a lil bit of self encouragement).. I still have lotssss to do for my design... A lot to do to achieve the expectations.... May Allah guide me through... ameen...

Here are some images from the presentation... tell me what u think... btw, I don't plan to leave my facade that flat... I have half of the semester to work that out.. and, ya.. my renders are kinda suck..

Am I a post-modernist???!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bling bling

WARNING!!! This is a weird post.. So don't read if u don't want to get confused...

Triggered by a blogger friend's post on his blog, tinta kata... ( I hope you dont mind about this) I come to an extent of writing something about it, something about me... though, people said idiots write about themselves... but I dont care, some stuffs are worth sharing... Though others might think, I wrote craps... I'm so really don't care... ahaha.. So, here the story....

Many moons ago, I was a lost soul... Not that I had not a body to house, but I knew not how to stay... Then, was the time, when illusion was celebrated as life... Reality was a sad fantasy that I knew but never realized...

I used to laugh... laughed so loud that I forget a moment after I would cry... then, I cried, cried so hard as if there will be no tomorrow... People thought, I lived my life at the fullest, but I was, living my life at the dumbest...

People said, I was a bright child... I breezed through exams and tests with flying colours results... They said I made my parents proud... They said, my parents were so lucky, to have me.... But they knew not... Behind those certs and slips, I hid my stupidity in disguised.. Nobody knew but Him... Mom and dad... I'm very sorry....

Along the road, I met one weird thing.. I still remember vividly how it looked like... It was so shiny, that any eyes that looked at it would stunned in amazement.. It was like a kind of bling bling that almost each of my friend had one... I felt like I had been singled out... However, my parents had constantly advised me to avoid such thing if I by any chance discover... I was in such confusion... That thing... that bling bling was very interesting, it looked so fine to me... I stuck in my confusion but eventually succumbed to my amazement... I thought, the bling bling looked bad on my parents eyes because many people wore it wrongly... so I would wear it the right way (a way that I thought was right) and it should be okay... My sanity was engulfed by the excitement of the bling bling thing. Then was the point when my soul started to sink deeper, it had almost...almost reached the abyss... Had it not for the bling bling, I would not betray my parents...

As time goes by... the bling bling got less interesting... The shine turned matte.My confusion got deeper... I started to question myself about the bling bling thing... I began to evaluate my way of wearing that bling bling...that I had innitially proclaimed the right way... I, then realized how lost I was...i started to weep and regret, but i knew tears and pain would be in vain without actions... Therefore, the first thing that I did was to throw that bling bling thing away... away... away... from mysoul...

If I had only realized... I would never get myself involved with that bling bling... I wasted so much energy, trying to protect that bling bling... But it worth not a single sweat... The shine was only a fake glistening...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Siapa aku dihatimu...???

Pernah tak rasa rindu? Rindu yang teramat-amat, kalau boleh nak sahaja bertemu pada saat itu juga, tetapi dalam masa yang sama risau kalau orang itu tidak mahu bertemu dengan kita sebab kita tak cukup baik...

Pernah tak rasa cemburu? Pernah tak rasa cemburu bila tengok seseorang itu lebih dekat dengan orang yang kita sayang, lebih sama cara dan gaya... lepas tu, orang yang kita sayang pun suka pada tingkah dan peribadinya... cemburu yang kalau boleh kita nak jadi lebih baik daripada orang tu, supaya orang yang kita sayang akan sayang dekat kita jugak.. tapi kadang... kita malas..

Pernah tak rasa suka dan sayang pada seseorang, tetapi berat sangat nak memenuhi dan patuhi apa yang ditunjuk arah oleh orang itu.. kadang-kadang rasa rindu yang luar biasa, tapi kadang-kadang boleh pula lupa... bila waktu kita terlupa dia, kemudian kita rasa bersalah, sebab kita tahu kita sayang dia... tapi peliknya besok-besok, lupa lagi...

Pernah tak rasa teramat cinta dengan seseorang... sampaikan kita tidak dapat melihat keburukannya langsung... tambahan pula jika orang itu memang tidak punya sebarang keburukan, ramai pula yang merebut cintanya... Pastinya rugi jika kita tidak turut sama merebut cintanya....

Pernah tak rasa kagum dengan orang yang bermatian kerana cinta... sanggup tergadai harta, nyawa dan darah... semuanya kerana cinta... alangkah berharapnya dapat menjadi seperti mereka...

Pernah tak rasa marah meluap-luap sebab ada orang ejek atau kritik orang yang kita sayang... tapi kadangkala marah itu bersifat sementara... sesaat kemudian kita lupa dan kembali bergelak suka...

Pernah tak rasa obses dengan seseorang, sampaikan sebarang cerita tentang dirinya kita bersemangat mendengar, tetapi kadang kala, lupa pula mahu menapis terlebih dahulu sejauh mana kebenaranya...

Pernah tak rasa mahu tunjuk tahu tentang orang yang kita sayang sangat itu, padahal kita kadangkala belum cukup kenal dengan dirinya...

Pernah tak kita berharap kita menjadi salah seorang yang wujud dalm bicara manis orang yang kita sayang, dalam janji-janji yang dia ungkapkan...

Rasa bermacam rasa... perasaan bercampur baur... rasa sayang, cinta, rindu... tetapi perilaku tidak cukup mendekatkan aku ke hatimu... aku sering gundah, kerana aku tahu kau yang ku rindu... namun aku resah, kerana tingkah mu tak ku tiru... aku tahu kau yang ku sayang... tapi aku sering hilang dalam angan sendiri, mebiarkan sayang ku malayang... aku tahu kau yang ku cinta... namun, cinta ku tidak cukup luar biasa, seperti mereka.. yang bergadai segala keranamu... aku tahu, kau ingin ku ketemu, di suatu tempat yg teramat indah, kerana disitu kau hidup.. namun, aku tidak tahu sama ada di tempat indah itu dapat ku bertamu... Aku ingin lebih baik, aku ingin lebih seperti mu.. supaya jika kita bertemu... kau dapat mengenali aku.... aku sungguh bimbang.. risau yang teramat... bahawa aku tidak termasuk di antara mereka yang kau khabarkan berita gembira... pada situasi ini.. hingga aku ke akhir nanti.. aku bimbang... letakku di hati mu... layakkan aku di situ... ya rasulullah.. layakkah aku bertamu kasihmu?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Aku dan Dia

Aku bukan dia
Mengapa kau banding beza
Aku bukan dia
Mengapa kau banyak tanya

Aku bukan dia
Lain cara lain gaya
Lain jantina juga
Memang tak sama
Kalau iras pada lirikan mata
Tak sama minda dan kata

Aku bukan dia
Dia yang kau kenal
Aku yang kau tak kenal
Tapi aku kenal dia
Lebih dari kau kenal dia

Maka jangan sebarang kata
Terhadap aku atau dia
Atau pun pada sesiapa jua

Aku tahu dia manusia istimewa
Tidak aku mahu menumpang nama
Namun sudah kau bertanya
Aku hanya berkata 'ya'

Aku tahu perihal cintanya
Aku lihat lepuh lukanya
Maka kau jangan menabur tuba
Tuba itu kelak menjadi bisa
Memamah kau jua

Aku ingin seperti dirinya
Bisa bersuara demi cinta
Punya kudrat luar biasa
Namun memang tak serupa
Apa kan daya

Siapa diriku
Aku syukur dan terima
Tak pernah aku ukur dan hina
Begitu juga dia
Terima aku seadanya

Aku bukan dia
Biarpun kami bersaudara
Tapi memang tak sama
Jangan banyak tanya...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


sorong papan tarik papan
buah keranji atas papan
suruh makan saya makan
suruh mengaji, nanti la dulu saya nak makan

dua tiga kucing berlari
mana nak sama kucing yang tak berlari
dua tiga boleh dicari
semunya sama kalau dah pencuri

tuai padi antara masak
esok jentera datang tolakkan
intai kami antara nampak
oi, apa intai-intai, tak takut tuhan?

pisang emas di bawa belayar
buruk ranum di dalam peti
hutang emas boleh dibayar
hutang along membawa mati

tinggi-tinggi si matahari
anak kerbau mati tertambat
kejam gila kau orang ini
biar kerbau mati tertambat

lompat si katak lompat
lompat la tinggi-tinggi
dah setiap hari aku lompat
tak juga tinggi-tinggi
( this)

kalau ada jarum yang patah
hati-hati nanti tercucuk jari
kalau sudah terbuat jenayah
panggilah polis datang gari

buah cempedak diluar pagar
ambil galah.. oi' jgn jolok la cempedak orang
saya budak baru belajar
kalau salah, minta maaf la sekarang

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Rendaman pertama sedikit pahit rasanya
Tak mengapa
Kucurah sahaja ke tanah
Rendam untuk kali kedua
Enak rasanya..
Tapi ada yang tak suka
Katanya teh hijau lebih sempurna
Ada pula katanya asalkan teh
semuanya sama sahaja
Oolong ini istimewa
Cuba rasa...
Boleh rendam berkali-kali jua..
Rasanya sudah tiada
Kutukar yang baru sahaja...

P/S: Selamat berkhidmat, Datuk Seri Najib! Ingatlah, di sana menanti nikmat dan laknat...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Janji itu tiada

kebasahan dirimbuni hujan
langkah panjang bagai tak kesampaian
Jauh nan jauh dari pandang
bersiur rasa bersimpang derita
semalam nan jauh
terasa dekat
esok nan dekat
terasa jauh
aduhai hati yang luka
merana engkau di redup senja
apa kejadahnya lamunan duka
kau mensia-siakan manusia

mentari semakin dalam
tenggelam ditelan malam
selimutilah kisah semalam
jangan hati diamuk suram
bayang nan hitam
kabutilah sebuah silam

mentari sudah hilang
yang tinggal hanya malam
kecundangan dek kecurangan
biar terkafan dalam kenangan
kemegahan juga temui kehancuran
apa disanjung cerita mereka
kan mereka rasai semua

Oh diri..
jangan dinanti esok nan tak pasti
jangan dirobek semua janji
janji hanya membunuh diri
dan manusia pastinya mati...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Nudism tourism mooted for central Australia

Tuesday March 31 9:00 AM

A nudist farm-stay in central Australia has moved one step closer to becoming a reality this week.

The head of Tourism Central Australia has confirmed a homestead, 130 kilometres east of Alice Springs, will be reserved for nudists during several months of the year.

The idea was raised last year by an anonymous phone call to the tourism body asking it to gauge the public's reaction.

Peter Grigg says the idea has been met with open arms and is well placed to be a very successful venture.

"There are a number of activities that we'll support, whether it's a nudist type venture or whether it's general type travel - bird watching, four-by-four [driving], bushwalking," he said.

"Sunburn might be one of the features we would need to address but we can do that."

Mr Grigg says he is excited by the possibilities.

"This will be I think a first ever in central Australia," he said.

"It will meet very much a international niche market as well as a domestic niche market and where the opportunity is for outside of a nudist type activity there will definitely be the allowance for the general public."

source: here

Nauzubillah... Konon maju sangat! Alih-alih sama aja dengan orang hutan, orang hutan pun tahu malu... Allah kasi dia bulu untuk tutup badan, tak da pulak dia botakkan badan untuk tayang kat orang sekalipun hidupnya begitu fames sekali, maksudku yang tinggal di zoo itulah... Sekarang fahamlah aku kenapa kalian mengaku kalain berevolusi dari beruk... Serupa aja.. Mungkin kalian ni sebenarnya yang berevolusi menjadi beruk... sebab beruk macam lebih bertamadun dari kalian... Ngerinya menbayangkan masa depan tempat ni... sekarang event, nanti-nanti mungkin jadi culture.. lepas tu aku dan teman-teman yang manusia ini, nak keluar rumah pun tak boleh...

Spoilt betulah... takda berita lain ke nak bagi aku baca pagi-pagi ni... darn u.. ruined my morning coffee...