Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Flu-es.

uhuk uhuk uhukk uhukk...

its monday,
and I am home. alone.

I've been feeling ill since yesterday, and woke up this morning with a heavy head. I dragged my feet that carries my body to the washroom. I felt so fragile. Prayed two rakaat of fajr and my mind made up, 'I'm not going to work today'.

It's cloudy but warm as always, I wrapped myself in a thin blanket and rolled up on my bed. I imagined myself as a half-cooked sausage. My body is warm, but its cold at the same time, I could feel the chill.  I am a hot sausage topped with a layer of frozen lettuce and carefully wrapped in a room temperature pita bread, that is my blanket. I closed my eyes, or I think it was more like, they closed themselves. 

I slept for two hours or so and woke up to my own violent cough. I need to see a doctor.