Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yusoof and Me (part 02)

Although I believe my blog isn't a tv series which everyone can't miss and impatiently wait for every next new episode and most of you readers, (if they were any) might only read this blog by accident or perhaps in circumstance when there ain't any other things to read, I still feel obliged to write what I said I would do in the previous post.

I believe, for every muslim out there, who still believes in this religion, or for just anyone who behold onto a religion, there is a soft spot for God's words. 

Yusoof is a consolation for a number of reasons. here's a few of the obvious ones. 

1. The story, is easy to remember. Out of the many surahs in the quran, surah Yusoof as far as I knew is the only surah (correct me if I'm wrong) that tells a single story from the very beginning till the end. . Thus, it makes the whole story easy to understand and remember especially for those who struggle to learn arabic like me. When you understand something, it draws you closer or further from it, and in my case, alhamdulillah. It makes me fond of it. Thus, when the surah is recited, I get excited. I'll be like "oh yeah, I know this surah!"

2. Jealousy exists, even in the household of a prophet. Remember how the brothers plotted against their father, prophet Yacoob to 'get rid' of Yusoof because they were jealous of the immense love the father had for him. It ain't about, it's 'normal' to be jealous of something, it is a reminder of how jealousy is such a powerful devil's weapon. and I admit how in life, I or maybe you too readers are often tested with this matter. I admit how my poor soul sometimes lost in this negativity, the story serves a good reminder that we must fight against the ill feeling of jealousy, admit the struggle and strive through and through.

3. Familiar with the word "fasabrun jamil" = the beautiful patience? (12:18) that was prophet Yacoob's words when he received the news of Yusoof killed by the wolves and knew it was a lie but he couldn't do anything about it. What else did he say> "wallahu musta'an..." Allah is the helper. To me, there is a divine power in the verse. We were taught to often istighfar lots and lots, but many times, I find when I'm feeling low and lost, other than istighfar alone, saying Allahu musta'an, calms me. In case any of you see me in distress, or maybe I forgot as a person always does... please do remind me, Allahu musta'an. please do.

4. Temptation. "Indeed the prison is dearer to me..." (12:33) Yusoof famous words. Life presents to us two sides of nearly everything, the good and the bad. Such is good look or knowledge or wealth or exciting family background etc etc that might make us attractive or attract us toward it. Living in this age of technology and intermixing of good and evils into the canvas of life,it is hard to distinguish one from another. Everything is just grey. I admit it. Especially if you're a youth, our test is greater, eg, for girls, look at the simplest thing, how often do you feel inclined into trying the latest hijjab fashion which might not serve the purpose of hijjab. How often do you wish, the person you are attracted to, to response with words of love and desires? How often do you try to compete in the never ending beauty league between you and your devilish desire when it brings no good but harms? I'm writing from a female perspective and it goes to me most of all. yes, to me most of all. remind me of this too, shall I forget. He is Yusoof, known for his beauty, desired by a beautiful and the powerful woman of his era, not just any woman. yet, the prison is dearer to him. 

5. Make the best of every moment. What did Yusoof do in the prison? Did he weep all the way through till the day he was released? No, he spread da'wah. And the best da'wah starts by giving out a good example. and it is the most difficult too. for most things are easily said than done.

6. As the Islamic scholars had always advised that we must not desire for a position of power, and it is indeed the best for our heart, Yusoof sets an example of an opposite circumstance, given we possess a useful skill and know that no one else can do a better job than us, we should appoint ourself into the position.    Thus, it reminds me, should I want to be a great and successful person in my career especially, I must not desire for the position, eg: to be the boss, yet, must strive for the excellency of the skills and knowledge which by nature and rules, would qualify me to be a leader. An excellent motivation for self improvement that benefits not just yourself but inshaAllah, everyone around you.

7. Happy Ending. The story of Yusoof is one those story that consoles me in hardships due to its happy ending. Indeed the greatest happy ending is in hereafter, but Allah knows his creations too well that he tells a story like this, that even in this world, there is hope to the believers. Yusoof eventually held a good position, saved a country, taught his 'naughty' brothers a good lesson and rekindled with his parents. To me, it's just beautiful.

I wrote this, for myself... who often forgets, and I am sharing it with your readers, hoping it'll do good and, should I forget, you can remind the forgetful me. 
Dear readers,

I hope it's not too late to wish everyone
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, 
maaf zahir batin

taqabalallahu minna waminkum solehul a'mal.
kullu 'am wa antum bkhir. ;)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yusoof and Me (part 01)

I had long favour the Yusoof more than the other, and I ask Allah to pardon me for that. 

For a person, who has only basic knowledge of Arabic, I rely a lot in the tafseer to understand the general meaning of the ayahs in the Quran. I am not a hafizah, like most of you or maybe worse, I find memorising quran is a real challenge. It was easier as a child. I remember memorising surah Al-A'la just by listening to my dad reciting it quite frequently in solah al-maghrib. 

There was a phase of my life which I had dedicated to listening to the audio of tafseer, sometimes while doing work etc, I regret it didn't become a habit. But alhamdulillah, it had got me the interest of reading the meaning of the quran, instead just reciting the ayahs. You know what I mean, if you're not an arabic speaker like me. This article is a perfect read. It is what I put into practice every Ramadhan, when I should be doing that all year round. such a shame!. I wish I had been more determined.

I love, Surah Yusoof.

The other night in taraweeh, the imam recited it beautifully, and I just can't help but for the first time in this Ramadhan I felt excited while praying. I most of the time, failed to understand arabic, it is hard to stay focus in a normal salah, let alone the long ones, it adds to the frustration when the imam is crying while reciting and I can't catch a word. 

I like to share the reason of liking Surah Yusuuf. It got to be more than the fact that Yusuuf was a handsome prophet ;p

But I stop at here for now.

I'll write again maybe tonight, inshaAllah.