Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's morning darling...

hahaha... it is morning.........

I started my day early today.... well, unusually early..wehhooo... thats because, I slept unusually early last night...

It is good though, winter is actually the right season to fix my sleeping habit... night is longer, and subuh begins and ends quite late... so, if I sleep early every night, I have no reason to go backbone to bed after fajr prayer... wake up, pray.. do the bed... take a bath... wallaa.. I'm ready to kick!...

Besides, the heater is also now working, in fact I have 2 heaters... so the room is warm and comfortable.... you got no excuse anymore kiambang! haha..

and my first meal for the day is literally a breakfast... you hear me? it is a BREAKFAST!... woohooo... So I had pickelets with coco sauce and butter, a cup of Caribbean nut coffee and my daily orange juice... (thank you oya for the pickelets)

 I miss nasi lemak bungkus piramid... Yay! I'm going home soon....

By the way, I was thinking last night... I was thinking about durian.... isn't it a season in July - August? owh, I hope those trees around my house will fruit during my return....

So yeah! I better get back to my work. Have a good day everyone!

p/s: Let's make some duaa for Gaza Flotilla Activists...

Saturday, May 29, 2010


As usual….

Written assignment always ends up with a blog post… muahaha…

Haish… why academic writing is never as fun as writing all these craps! Haha… it’s almost like asking why potato chips taste better than bean sprouts… well… writing academic thingy isn’t that bad really, it’s just that, most of the time it’s quite difficult… research and all, the annoying part… you know…

However, I quite like updating blog before doing my written assignment, it’s sort of a warm up…

Woohoo… one subject is officially done today… Alhamdulillah…

I’m so in classical mode right now… vanilla cinnamon tea, Sinatra… and philosophy… and polka dots! Hahaa… yeah, polka dots… Recently, I started to realize that I got so many things with polka dots … how weird, I’ve been ‘accidently’ collecting all these ‘polka dots’ stuffs… the latest is my umbrella which I blogged about in my previous post. Hermmm…

I know that I quite like the wiggly floral kind of patterns… never really realized that I’m so into polka dots… is there anything to do with my pokemon building (my tutor said my design project looks like a pokemon) …. OMG… no… I must be sick… I find it sickening enough when architects use their own project as wallpaper… hahaa… want to see my wallpaper?

Yes, that’s a part of my design project… muahaha… what to do, most architects are narcissists! Folks, this is my best advice, don’t fall with an architect, unless you are an architect too, or someone with a high tolerance level…. Hahahaa…

*yawn*… eh, kata warm up…. Hahaha...

By the way, a few things… saw Nikon D3000 today, the duty free is having a sale… thought of buying it, but maybe should just wait till I have enough money for D5000 or D90… for the time being, I’m thinking of buying a fat vintage Polaroid that will make me look like a time traveler tourist…. Muahaha… I’m going home in 19 days…. Yay!

Polka dots and moonbeams, winter weather…….. I’m swayed…. Should have just flown to the moon… hahaa…. XD 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Added Sugar

I would usually write the post title at the end of the writing process, right before publishing the post, that's why my post title most of the times are irrelevant to the post.

I have nothing in particular to write about, however I feel an urge to write something, something lackadaisically sweet... just like my daily orange juice here, with 'no added sugar'… haha… That's not going to happen though… well… I'm not a sweet person by nature, so it's almost impossible for me to write something 'sweet' effortlessly.

I've been hanging at the edge of my emotion lately, feeling a little bit out of control sometimes, which I really hate. But I suppose, at some phases of life, we would all feel this way regardless of the reason. Sometimes we feel so down, out of place and discouraged, and if we were to look for reasons, we'll surely find one. Human are always full of excuses. But a wise man looks at the bright side. A wise man sees the light at the end of a dark tunnel. A wise man finds millions of reason to rise after each fall. And a Muslim believes that with every hardship comes an ease. 

SO, it's been raining lately and I just bought a very pretty red umbrella. Since I've been objected from wearing a red coat, I went for a red umbrella. I know, wearing red (outdoor) isn't good for women. When I was young, my mak always said "pakai merah, nanti kena ligan (kejar) lembu"… even though it's kind of true that bulls are attracted to red (I thought so because people use red flag to attract the bull in bullfight).. but I never heard mak said that to my abang-abang. When I was growing up, my ayah and abang have constantly discouraging me from wearing red. I asked for a pair of red baju kurung for hari raya, and I ended up getting green. I don't really know since when I like red, all that I'm sure of I really really really love white. Anyway, being quite rebellious, I tend to like thing that people object me from. Especially those with no clear reason. I used to think that ayah dislikes me wearing red due to some political reason… haha… 

But, as I get to know 'life' and had a chance to study the psychology of colour, I kind of understand that it is not so much about the bull, nor the politic. But it is more about the colour itself, red. It is indeed, very very very daring and attractive. Red associates with excitement and movement, it is important to see red (at the right amount) in our daily live because it stimulates energy… and out of all colours, red is the most attractive, not that many like it (blue is the most favorable colour)… but it draws attention… (Some studies show red cars get more tickets but that maybe because the red car owners drive faster or the ticket giver notices the movement of the red car more prominently)… so, I guess it's quite easy to comprehend why women should not wear too much red. I like to write using red pen though.

Let's stick to white then. White is so ambiguous, is it a colour or is it the absence of colour? I love the purity in white and how it blends with others easily…. I love that it is a compression of all colours in the colour spectrum… I love that white is always the beginning of all creativity… a white sketchbook, a white canvas, a white fabric… I love to see white as a wedding theme, it represents a pure beginning of a beautiful and more colourful life… I love how white brings out the subtleness in others, for instant… a little of white in red brings out the lovely pink… a little of white in blue brings out the peaceful light blue… white is the sweetest colour of all… and the sweetest person I ever known in this world is named 'Che Puteh', My mum….

So, can I become a Snow White?
But I don't want to eat a poisoned apple and get kissed by a stranger in the middle of a forest.

Or maybe I should be a White Queen?
she is pretty creepy... and weird...

or this one?
I'm not interested in killing a lion though...

ermmm...maybe this one is better..

Owh... but I can't wear this gown to class though... hahaa... maybe should just buy a white coat.

oh, hang on! I already have too many white coats and my friend is telling me to stop buying whites. In fact, I shouldn't buy anymore coat.

I'm going back this winter…. Woohooo….Haha… I never went back during winter, but for some reasons… I just want to go back. heeee~

Why is it so easy to write about 800 words for a post, but it so freaking hard to write 250 words for an assignment. Ish ish ish… ada org nak kena tibai!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wouldn't it be nice?


Okay, I know it’s 1 pm… but hey, I woke up early today… at least, earlier than usual… I’m really trying to stop being a nocturnal… aaa, no good, no good… it has been weeks except for a few days which always turned out to be wasted attempts of being normal. I must and I have to sleep at night and do work during the day!!!

In fact, it has been mentioned in so many places in the quran, how night is made as covering for us to rest and day with light for us to work. (ie: An-Naba’)

So, while having my breakfast, ok.. let’s be honest, lunch, or maybe brunch… whatever you call it but obviously it’s not a breakfast… btw.. I just learned how to eat English muffin(?) with sambal… apa?! Biaq laaa… org malaysia ok! And I also just learned how to cook an egg in the microwave… that’s what happened when you are not allowed to cook… oooh, how I miss the challenge of making a perfectly over easy egg… eh, dah terubah tajuk, so yeah, I googled about ‘how to stop being a nocturnal’ and I found this from here.

1.Set a time when you want to be capable of go to sleep.

2. Avoid caffeine (coffee & soda) 4-6 hours earlier this time.

3. Don't do anything stimulating near this time similar to watching tv
shows that you are very into and can catch you excited.

4. Set a time when you want to wake up.

5. Get two alarm clocks for this... place one subsequent to your bed
and the other one across the room.

6. Focus yourself before you dance to sleep that you will wake up
and acquire up when the alarm clocks go bad.

7. (This is the toughest - you will need seriously of will power)
When the alarms go sour, force yourself to get up to turn
them sour and go to the bathroom to swab your face with
cold river.If you can go straight to the shower right away, it would be
much better.

8. When you still consistency like going backbone to bed, try to resist. As days go by following your sleep "schedule", your body will start to find used to shutting down at a certain time and wake back up at a sure time.

9. (This is the most important piece of advice)
On days when you do not enjoy work, wake up at the same
as you customarily would, or 1 hour later at the drastically latest.

Good luck!

Ok, so I got some issues here, I guess no 1 is pretty simple, I do that all the time, in fact for last 2 days, I had put some efforts into it, I tried to sleep early but ended up tossing in bed for hours… that’s a lot more tiring than doing 3d model. Anyway… no2. ? no caffeine? Errr… ya I know it says, 4 hr before bedtime, but…what if I want to sleep at 12, does that mean that I can’t have my tea/coffee as early as at 8 pm… uwaaa!

And no 3? What about autocading and 3d modeling? I’m always into my work? Reading? Trust me, reading rarely makes me sleepy. In fact, if it’s a good book, it keeps me awake. And I don’t have tv in my room, I wish I do because I could fall asleep easily while watching tv, regardless how interesting the show....and… heyyyy, I can’t start counting the sheep at 10 pm… commmonnn… no 4 is okay… but no 5, NO, I can’t do that, I have a roommate. No 6?... errr… okay! 7?... errr, okay…. 8?! Heee.. sounds pretty tough… my bed always looks so yummy in the morning…. So good to ‘tungging buyung’… heee… 9? What?!!! Mummmmm, it’s the weekend.

Oklaaa… common la kiambang, you still have to do it meh. Besides, it’s almost winter and night is longer whatttt… and night is colder, then u get sick sick meh… I should stop ruining my ruined English!

Ok. Actually, I had once managed to quit being a nocturnal, that was a year ago I think. I blogged about it, but can’t be bothered to search for the post. So I can do it. Yeah, yeah… that’s the spirit girl….

*yawn* so sleepy… the sun is so bright and its making dizzy… and sleepy…. Heeee….

Anyone here loves chai? OMG, I found the new Lipton chai latte with honey and cinnamon is pretty awesome… and it goes well with the English muffin and sambal and egg…. Hahaa… what a fusion.

ish! it looks pretty lousy here. its good though, with the sambal!

Wish me best for my current goal to stop being a nocturnal =)... 

* I should stop listening to "wouldn't it be nice" by the Beachboys

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm a ballerina who lost her shoes.

Don't understand the title as well... hee...

If the word ‘distress’ were replaced with ‘love’… in this modern world, we all would’ve been in love every day… don’t you think? But I would then, write a post about how I wish love were replaced with distress.

Gaaaa! Don’t know what I’m talking about…

I’m just in love.

I mean, in distress. A little.

There is a crit and submission this coming Monday. Another hectic weekend. My design project is so complicated that I don’t have a heart to think about it anymore. Oh, there is one more assignment that I really need to get started.

With every hardship, comes ease (94:5-6), remember?


Btw, I looked so dumb in a yellow oversize safety vest. Can safety wears be more fashionable? C’mon, its 21st century….

OKlah… buat kerja… tata titi tutu…

Friday, May 7, 2010

Smile (takda tajuk lain ka?)

OK. Mari-mari tuan dan puan sekalian, saya yang kemalasan untuk mengadap autocad mahu merepek lagi. Ini ialah post dedikasi, dedikasi untuk yang merasakan post ini sememangnya didedikasikan untuknya. Pening. Tulaa… jangan ngadap google earth lama, dahla buat research tentang Penang ni… the best gift for me right now is a Melb-Penang air ticket… so homesick!

Anyway, let’s go back to my dedication. Macam nilah, nak cerita… tekanan hidup ni datang dari pelbagai arah, kadang orang lain yang diduga, kita yang stress.. contoh macam ada setengah org tu, tengok orang kunyah besi, lepas tu dia yg rasa ngilu.. ish, apa punya contoh daa...anyway, at one point, giving up might sound so right, but we all knew that it is not a good option, well, maybe it’s never an option. Dan kekuatan itu datang dari tuhan melalui sumber-sumber tertentu. Selalunya daripada orang-orang disekeliling, sebab tu manusia ni dicipta sebagai makhluk bermasyarakat.

Rasanya, sejak buat seni bina ni, setiap semester ada bercerita tentang tekanan, pada hakikatnya, tekanan itu ada saja tak kisah lah bidang apa yang diceburi. Cumanya, mahu bercerita… ada orang, sekalipun dia selalu cakap, tak reti dan tak tahu nak respon pada teman yang mengadu, tapi dia tak sedar yang sebenarnya diberi kelebihan untuk menguraikan kelelahan.

… and you. Maybe not to everyone, but to me… most of the time, you always know the right things to say….. in your own odd-way… XD

Thank you.

laaa... sikit ja dedikasi? haha.. jadi laaa...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cita-Cita Saya

Waktu kecil dahulu, aku suka panjat pokok. Pokok rambutan banyak di sekeliling rumah, tapi yang kurang seronoknya ada kerengga, nanti kena ketit. Kadang tu lagi la, ada penyengat atau tebuan. Dulu tak ramai kawan, mak kata, jangan bagi biasa pergi menempek di rumah orang, jadi memang tak dapat lah peluang pergi rumah kawan-kawan macam orang lain. Kalau panjat pook, selalu rasa macam nak terjun, lepas tu keluar sayap dan terbang. Memang, dari dulu lagi, cita-cita aku, hanya mahu terbang… dan terbang…

Bila dah besar sikit, masuk sekolah, cikgu tanya nak jadi apa? Tak ingatlah apa yang dijawab… adala tu burung, power rangers, ahli silap mata etc… tapi yang macam dah lojik sikit tu, asalnya cakap nak jadi pensyarah, bila ditanya pensyarah apa, taktau. Lepas tu lama sikit, taktau la dari mana dapat idea, tapi ingat la, bila tanya pensyarah apa dah boleh jawab dah, pensyarah falsafah. Ya, FALSAFAH… haha… istilah falsafah tu bunyi macam best kot untuk lidah budak umur 7 tahun.

Dulu mak selalu marah sebab suka buat semak, suka gunting. Mak kata “adik, kalau jumpa gunting dengan kertas, habih penuh rumah” haha… lepas tu dulu, ayah pernah heran, sebab tiap-tiap minggu beli buku lukisan kadang berkali-kali. Lukis ka makan? Masa tu takda kesedaran sivik, guna kertas banyak, tak kitar semula pula tu. Dalam linkungan masa tu juga waktu duk berangan-berangan nak jadi pelukis jalanan, mak pun berpesan “belajar pandai-pandai, jangan kerja duk lukis ja, nanti besar jadi la doctor”. Lepas tu yang ingat, aku pun lukis la gambar pempuan bertudung dengan steteskop, mak pun gembiralah kerana telah diberi gambaran visual masa depan anak bongsunya ni.

Masa 6 tahun, ustazah tadika pernah suruh buat persembahan sajak. Lepas tu rasa macam suka baca ruangan sajak-sajak dalam majalah kanak-kanak, seperti asuh, kuntum, Disney etc. Bila dah darjah 4-5 tu, mula la perasan nak jadi sasterawan, mula la mereka tulis segala benda, sajak prosa dan puisi yang tak pernah jadi… merepek saja banyak, tapi satu file la jugak. Ingat lagi, file tu warna biru, mana pergi agaknya. Masa itu juga perasan punyai kefahaman yang tinggi, lalu bacalah segala buku cerita karya terulung (tak layan novel picisan tu! Berlagak bukan main!!!) seperti orang tua di kaki gunung, senjakala, ayahanda, awang sabdu dan tok guru, jibam, shit yg kontroversi tu pun baca, tapi kebanyakannya tak faham sangat pun. Perasan saja lebih.

Ada sekali tu, pergi kedai Pak Teh (kedai runcit dekat rumah), beli aiskrim. Lepas tu masa jalan balik rumah sambil makan aiskrim duk terbayang kalau dapat buat kilang aiskrim, seronoknya… tiba-tiba teringat juga iklan ice sculpture kat tv tu, jadi terbayang sculpture tu daripada ais yang boleh di makan. Sejak dari tu memang nak buka kilang aiskrim.

Masuk sekolah menengah, terus rasa nak jadi ustazah! Haha.. maksud sekolah agama kot. Tapi lama-kelamaan jadi tak ketahuan dah nak jadi apa. Lepas tu masa tingkatan 3, ingat lagi, duk mengarut-ngarut dalam kelas time cikgu takdak ka waktu prep tah, tiba-tiba datang idea nak jadi arkitek… rasa macam time tu ada buat menara straw bentuk A… herm, sebab apa tah tu… tak ingat… tapi rasa macam segala idea nak jadi pensyarah, sasterawan, ahli falsafah secara tak pastinya telah menyumbang ke arah keinginan untuk menjadi arkitek, jadi masa nak masuk tingkatan empat, mohon la bidang sains teknikal.

Tapi masa tingkatan dua, suka tengok cerita cina kung fu kat tv 2 yang petang-petang tu. Lepas tu rasa macam kostum-kostum mereka menarik, teringin pula nak reka baju. Lepastu pula ditambah dengan kedai baju sebulan yang dibuka bersama kakak. Haha.. sekejap saja, tapi seronok la benda fesyen ni. Dah rasa nak buka butik pula dah.

Dekat seberang jaya, ada perpustakaan yang aku suka pergi. Masa baru buka dulu excited ooo.. perpustakaan negeri, tapi tak adala besar sangat… tapi lepak di perpustakaan sangat best, tapi tula, tak boleh makan dalam perpustakaan. Taktau la sekarang macaman undang-undang, tak pernah dah lepak situ, hari tu balik pergi sekejap saja. Jadi terfikir la, kalau lah ada kedai kopi ala perpusatakaan kan seronok. Kedai kopi tempat bergosip tu, diubah jadi tempat org lepak dan membaca. Satunya, budaya lepak kedai kopi tu dah memang ada, tapi kalau la boleh dimanipulasi untuk semai budaya membaca, kan bagus macam tu… oh, hari tu dah sambung angan-angan ni dengan sorang kawan yang rajin melayan… hahaa… ada juga orang mau layan angan-angan.

Tapi sejak dah habis sekolah, dah memang tekad dahla nak jadi arkitek, dah dapat tawaran apa semua. Cumanya masa kat intec tu, suka la pergi kedai hardware section 18 kat shah alam tu, macam ada keseronokan luar biasa. Lepas tu dulu selalu pula ikut bapa saudara pergi Ace hardware. Ada yang besar dekat mid valley ka klcc entah, tak ingat. Benda-benda yang dijual di hardware sangat menguja. Datang sini, berkenalan dengan bunnings warehouse, best oooo pergi jalan-jalan bunnings… apa lagi, teruslah tertanam minat nak buka hardware. Nama kedai dah ada, “small people selling big things”… panjang sangat ka?, okla, nanti fikir lain…

Balik cuti, tengok abang buat construction macam best… rasa macam nak join dia jadi kontraktor pun ada. Tapi duk bayang nak pekik dekat mat-mat indon dan bangle, oh…hilanglah keayuanku… hahaa.. dakla, macam tak sopan la pula rasa… taktaula…

Now? Hermmm…. I’m a first year student, doing Master in Architecture. Tiba-tiba rasa macam tak larat nak jadi arkitek. Hahaa… habih tu nak jadi apa?

Suri rumah sepenuh masa. Hahaa!

Taklah, aku memangla rasa tak larat, lagipun masih belajar lagi sekarang… tapi kalau sebenar-benarnya ditanya dan ditanya… dan seikhlas-ikhlas jawapan…. Nak jadi apa?


Panjang betul mengarut. Terima kasih la siapa yang baca sampai habis tu.