Saturday, October 25, 2008

I love these words...

Journey- The brothahood

sleepwalking in a world that's so cold, don't know where to turn
right turn left turn i yearn for some sort of guidance
confusing flusters bounce in my throbbing mind where can i find a guide to take my hand

lead me in the way of the perfect creation, he who is guaranteed paradise but still weeps,

standing long in the night with hurt feet, Our blood at the moment is dirt cheap, spilling on the land

spilling on the sand,where is my iman...please take me by the hand wake me from this sleep,

convert this solid rock inside my chest lacking purity and soft-ness and i need a rest from this busy world

to find myself, forget my weatlh, my spirtual health it needs some help

where are you...i need some help before i'm judged i need to help myself get help

but the lazy beast which is myself lacks motivation..lacks the patience..lacks instigation

where do i look...or will he find me? i wanna be at the lote tree.. don't walk past

try to fast so i can build up inventory but wheres my sincerity now that's a different story

am i up for the glory and the fame nah just want my name to be mentioned -- don't wanna be questioned

want his pleasure but wanna live forever nervous to meet my creator feel like a traitor will he be pleased

or dissapointed in my behavior...i don't know...why do we act how we do? dieseses of the soul the heart

is sensitive to all that it surrounds vulnerable to smell sight and sound...yet we throw ourselves into

places where the reciever the qalb finds discontent, discontent and we dont repent, blackening

and slowly killing its will to be content...the cure is remembrance which will recompense in

a way that we cant comprehend...Ya Rab make us of those who you are pleased with...a gift which lives

not in the mist but in a life of reality...Please Allah accept our prayers, accept our du'aa and our charity

Friday, October 24, 2008


I used to be a nocturnal especially when the final is getting nearer. Stayed up through out the night and slept after the morning had broken. Personally, I really like working at night especially when i was designing. Nighttime had always been a perfect time to get ideas gushing into my head. The darkness, as i gazed through the windows seemed to gimme some sort of inspiration. Seriously, i found it was so hard to work during the day. Apart from attending studios and tutorials, I couldn't really do much of my works when the sun is still shining, even though I was not sleeping.

" And We have made the night as a covering (through its darkness). And We have made the day for livelihood" (78: 10-11)
" He it is Who has appointed for you the night that you may rest therein, and the day to make things visible. Verily, in this are ayah for people who listen" (10:67)

However, reading through these verses again and again, i realize that, i need to change this part of me. Quran is a life manual. These verses are from my Creator who knows me best, so much better than i know myself. Therefore, I took last Ramadhan as a training season to change this bad habit of mine. Alhamdulillah, it was a really good session. Mr Ramadhan was really a great teacher! hee.. And now, I'm trying to keep it this way. Sleep at night and do my work during the day. and, the result is I find out that living by those verses makes me feel, Alhamdulillah, happier, more content and energetic. And to my surprise, ideas are still gushing into my head even though at point of time when the sun is brightly shining above my head, Subhanallah. How great is Allah! How silly and stupid i had been. Did i think not where those ideas inside my head come from??? Verily, it is His bounty. O' Allah, forgive me, a forgetful servant!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

RMIT Muslims Praying Outside

Students lose faith in RMIT pledge

Andrew Trounson | October 15, 2008

RMIT University Muslim students have accused the university of reneging on its promise to provide Muslim-only prayer rooms, instead insisting on designating the prayer facilities as multi-faith areas.

In a dispute that has dragged on for eight months, Muslim students are boycotting two newly installed prayer rooms at the city campus spiritual centre and are instead praying outside.

Hundreds of students have been meeting every Friday to stage an outside prayer meeting in protest.

The Muslim student campaign has the backing of the student union and the Christian and Jewish student unions.

Even though no other religious group has sought to use the two prayer rooms, RMIT is adamant the rooms remain available to other faiths outside of the times they are booked for Muslim students.

The two rooms, one for men and one for women, are Muslim-friendly, complete with washing areas, shoe racks and various decorative epithets for Allah. .

Muslim students had believed the rooms were dedicated for their own use until just before they were opened in March, when they were made multi-faith.

Shortly before opening the rooms, RMIT toned down the original Islamic decor, first covering and then removing the sayings of the prophet that were originally on the walls in Arabic script.

At the nearby Bourke Street campus, signs still proclaim the prayer rooms there to be Muslim prayer rooms.

Muslim students now have a block booking on the rooms from 11.30am to 5pm but the rooms can be booked by other faiths outside those times. However, the Islamic Society says no groups from other faiths have so far made a booking.

"RMIT respects all religions, gives special privileges to none," declared a RMIT statement yesterday from pro vice-chancellor Joyce Kirk. "RMIT is a secular institution, meaning that the university respects all faiths and meets the faith needs of its students and staff, including those of the Muslim faith," Professor Kirk said.

However, according to RMIT Islamic Society vice-president Mohamed Elrafihi, the university has reneged on previous commitments to provide dedicated Muslim spaces to replace the prayer room that had been open since 1994 but was shut last year because of building work.

"All we are requesting is that the university continue with its previous policy of having Muslim prayer rooms," Elrafihi told an audience of about 80 students and staff yesterday as the society sought to put public pressure on the university.

Elrafihi said the university had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the new prayer rooms that was now being wasted.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


"O you who believe! Intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), and gambling, and Al-Ansab and Al Azlam (arrows for seeking luck or decision) are abominations of Satan's handiwork. So avoid that in order that you may be successful." (5:91)

A few weeks ago...
B: Hey, would like to join us..? go for a beer..just at the bar next door..
Me: Sorry, I DON'T DRINK!
B: Oh..

Being a muslim in the western or australiasia countries, you must know how to say "sorry, i dont drink..." believe in me, for some people it is hard to say. believe in me, i've seen such and such had fallen into this fahsha.. believe in me, if you feel shy to say this, they will have no respect in your belief... believe in me..for the sake of your must stand steadfast..

Last year...
K (Tutor): Do you know there is a bar at XXXXXX Street? The interior is great..blablabla..
D (muslim): Yeah..yeah..i know that, its great, i've been there..owh, everything is blablalablablabla...
J: Yes...blablablaaa
Everyone: blablabla..
Me: (so silent...not speaking a word) am i the one in the studio who doesnt know a thing about that bar??? In fact, i don't know any

Was it a shame..????..wallahi, NO..I'm proud...I breeze through the studio Alhamdulillah..without knowing any bar...:)

Last semester..
RB (Tutor): We'll be departing to XXXXXXXX for the site study on friday. We'll have a party at WWWW Bar on friday night and the site study will begin on the next morning.
Me: I'll be there on Saturday then.
MB (Subtutor): Why??? Don't u wanna be with us???
Me: Sorry, I take my religion seriously..

Wallahi..HE, who is The Greatest at strength had bestowed such courage to say it... In so many ocassions, they don't know that u dont drink..but the hardest situation is when...

W: you don't drink???
Me: No, I Dont..It's forbidden in my religion.
W: Yaaa..I Know that, but such-and-such..does drink..

Yes, it happens. Some non-muslims, they know that Muslims are not allowed to drink but they think, it's 'okay' to drink because some Muslims do drink... We'll what am i supposed to say? "For God sake, they are sinful people", "Oh God, they are going to hell..","They are not muslims anymore.." Hahaha.. Of course not...

Me: Some people do, some people don't. But, to follow the real teaching of Islam means.. do not drink. Islam is a very beautiful religion. It forbids drinking as it causes blablablabla... (gotcha...i got a chance to talk about my religion to you..hahaha..)

The tricks are..
(applicable in other issues as well...)

1st: Tell the person the reality of Muslims today
2nd: Tell the person the real teaching of Islam regarding the issue (This will as well deviate the attention toward the other muslim who commits the 'fahsha')
3rd: Talk about the beauty of Islam (But, remember, do not insult the person's religion if his religion allows that kind of 'fahsha')

"They ask you ( O Muhammad) concerning alcoholic drink and gambling. Say in them is a great sin and (some) benefits for men, but the sin of them is greater than their benefit....." (2:219)

Thats all for today..Salam

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Di sini ingin ku berkongsi...

RMiT... Letaknya di tengah kota metropolitan, bandar 'hybrid' pelbagai jenis bangunan... alangkah syukurnya berpeluang melanjutkan pelajaran disini, apa yang lebih aku senang hati ialah kemudahan yang tersedia di RMiT.. sekalipun di negeri orang putih, RMiT masih menyediakan kemudahahn untuk, seruang tempat yang tidak sebesar mana namun cukup selesa untuk menunaikan solat, bertemu sua dengan 'sisters' dari pelbagai negara, berehat-rehat sementara menunggu kelas seterusnya, menjamah bekal yang dibawa, terkadang sempat pula aku lena terutamanya jika malam sebelumnya aku berjaga...

Pada penghujung 2007, surau tersebut telah diubahsuai dan proses pengubahsuai tersebut telah sempurna pada februari 2008 yang lalu.

Sesudah proses pegubahsuaian tersebut sempurna, Muslim tidak lagi dibenarkan menggunakan kemudahan tersebut selama dua bulan berturut lantaran komplain dari sesetengah pihak yang kononnya mengadu bahawa Muslim seolah 'membuat hak' kemudahan tersebut. Hairan sama sekali hairan, bagaimana bisa komplain disalurkan tidak melalui proses komplain formal yang seharusnya dilayan dan diambil tindakan. Hairan dan sungguh hairan, mengapa kami harus dilabel 'membuat hak' kemudahan tersebut sedangkan kemudahan tersebut pada asalnya sememanganya milik muslim semejak 1994? Bayangkan, selepas 15 tahun, tidak semena-mena hak tersebut dirampas, mengapa?

Sehinggalah pada 18 Mac 2008, kami mendapat tahu bahawa kemudahan tersebut yang sebelumnya dikenali sebagai 'Muslims Prayer Room' (MPR) telah diubah menjadi 'Spiritual Centre' (SC), sedang SC yang sedia ada tidak jauh dari situ boleh dikatakan 95% lengang sepanjang masa.

Maka perwakilan pelajar Islam menghubungi arkitek dan pengurus projek tersebut untuk memastikan tujuan asal pengubahsuai kemudahan tersebut samaada untuk MPR atau SC dan tidak ada keraguan bahawa projek tersebut sememangnya untuk menaiktaraf MPR. Maka kontrak asal projek tersebut yang ditandatangani oleh pihak RMiT sendiri dibentangkan kepada pihak RMiT untuk mengingatkan kembali objektif asal projek tersebut.Pihak RMiT mengakui bahawa adanya perubahan pada saat akhir mahukan kemudahan tersebut dijadikan 'multi-faith spaces' dan mereka enggan untuk kembali mengikuti perjanjian asal kontrak tersebut.

Diam bukanlah pilihan. Dalam masa seminggu 1100 tandatangan telah diambil untuk menentang tindakan merubah kemudahan tersebut untuk 'multi-faith', bahkan ada pelajar non-muslims yang turut serta berkempen. Diikuti dengan usaha memboikot kemudahan tersebut, tiada lagi pelajar muslim yang menggunakan kemudahan tersebut biarpun dibuka untuk semua agama. Bayangkanlah, mana mungkin seorang muslim untuk bersolat dengan seorang buddha sedang menyembah tokong disebelahnya. Terutamanya bagi 'sisters' tiada lagi kemudahan untuk berehat lantaran tiada lagi pengasingan sempurna untuk bahagian lelaki dan perempuan. Antara usaha memprotes lain, lebih 400 brothers menunaikan solat jummah secara terbuka di 'Bowen Street'.Pernah suatu ketika, sewaktu para brothers sedang bersolat, hujan turun mencurah-curah, dan sungguh, mereka tegar teguh tiada berganjak, solat dijalankan dengan sempurna. Sungguh menyentuh hati dan non-muslims berdiri dibawah kanopi bangunan berdekatan menyaksikan penuh takjub. Antara usaha lain, surat mohon sokongan turut dihantar kepada Mufti of Australia, Australian National Groups dan Mimar Groups ( Arkitek untuk projek tersebut)

Isu ini bukanlah sekadar isu autoriti mahupun kelebihan untuk muslim di RMiT. Namun, mempunyai kemudahan surau merupakan keperluan bukan kelebihan. Bilangan pelajar islam di RMiT bukanlah sedikit, dan waktu kelas yang berlarutan sepanjang hari memerlukan suatu tempat yang sempurna untuk memudahkan para pelajar menunaikan solat. Selain itu, untuk 'sisters', sangatlah rumit untuk bersolat dan berehat disuatu ruang yang tiada pengasingan antara lelaki dan perempuan. Situasi sekarang, 'sisters' bersolat di suatu bilik yang diberi nama 'womyn' yang merupakan suatu ruang untuk wanita di RMiT. Ruang tersebut dipelopori oleh golongan feminis yang kononya memperjuangkan hak wanita seperti hak menggugurkan anak dan hak hubungan sesama wanita (lesbian). Namun memandangkan tiada ruang yang lebih sempurna daripada bilik tersebut maka disitulah kami bersolat. Sepanjang Ramadhan tahun ini, kami bersolat di dewan serbaguna kecil yang dipenuhi meja dan kerusi, dan sepanjang ramadhan doa dipanjatkan bertalu-talu. Pastinya sehingga kini, mahupun sebelum Ramadhan lagi, doa tidak pernah putus.

Hal ini juga bukan sekadar isu sebuah surau namun isu hak orang Islam. Dewasa ini kita melihat merata-rata hak umat Islam dicabuli sewenang-wenanganya. Bosnia, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand dan dimana-mana sahaja, kita menyaksikan hal yang serupa. Sekecil-kecil isu sebuah surau hinggalah isu tanah, kita tidak harus memandang remeh bahkan seharusnya sensitif dengan perkara sebegini. Apatah lagi apabila perkara ini dialami sendiri, dapat dirasakan ini merupakan suatu tamparan yang cukup hebat. Hingga ke hari ini, usaha untuk mendapatkan kembali surau tersebut tidak pernah terhenti. Rasa hormat jua pada komuti RMiT Islamic Society (RMiTIS) yang habis-habisan berjuang untuk hak kami. Mesyuarat demi Mensyuarat, surat demi surat, kempen demi kempen, mungkin kemenangan belum dicapai namun yang pasti Allah bersama kami. Kepada yang diluar sana, doakanlah kami dan jika punya jalan mahupun saranan nyatakan. Hari ini di RMiT, mungkin esok lusa di universiti anda. Apapun keadaanya, hak kita harus dipertahankan. Teguhlah demi agama. Ini juga merupakan ujian dari Allah untuk kami Muslim di RMiT. Moga dugaan ini menjadikan kami lebih teguh dan tegar membela agama dan hak kami. Ameen.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eidul fitr 1429

tiada bicara dapat ku suara, tiada gambar dapat ku lakar.. Maha suci Tuhan yang menciptakan segala yang dilangit dan dibumi...1 syawal 1429, antara hari terindah hidupku...

Memang..syahdu asalnya di pagi tu, bila sayup-sayup takbir bergema dari komputer, diiringi lagu-lagu raya klasik...bohong jika aku tidak terkenang ibu, bohong jika pada ayah tidak ku rindu, kakak abang, anak-anak saudara yang tak bisa ku ketemu... memang... berlagu irama sayu disuatu sudut hatiku....

Namun..hari itu hari kebesaran... suatu kemenangan yang harus diraikan..pengorbanan selama sebulan, ku harap diterima tuhan... hari itu anugerah, anugerah dari Allah..

Bersiap-siap bersama teman serumah, masing-masing mengenakan pakaian indah nan baru yang dikirimkan oleh keluarga.. kami melangkah ke perkarangan RMiT Alumni Court... Segala rasa bercampur baur, tambahan memikirkan' Chinese: reading and writing test' yang harus kulalui seusai aku menyempurnakan solat eidulfitr. Maha suci tuhan yang menciptakan... Maha suci tuhan yang menguasai hatiku.. Setiba di perkarangan RMiT Alumni Court, segala resah gelisah lenyap bagai tidak pernah menjelma..dingin udara pagi begitu lembut membelai hatiku...girang suara takbir menyorak riang jiwaku.. Oh, tuhan betapa aku bersyukur.. suasana diindahkan dengan bunga sakura putih yang berguguran jatuh ditiup bayu, bagai turut sama melagukan kesyukuran pada tuhan.. bertemu teman-teman lain semakin menganda-ganda rasa suka.. dan pagi itu aku solat eidulfitri denga penuh rasa gembira...

Seusai solat..bangun si khatib menyampaikun khutbah..khutbah disampaikab dwilingual... bermula dengan bahasa arab diikuti bahasa inggeris... Khutbah berkisar tentang kasih sayang..antara kita sesama islam... Oh tuhanku yang maha penyayang, betapa aku bersyukur atas keislamanku..kerana aku seorang muslim maka dimana ku berada aku tahu ada yang menyayangiku selagimana ada muslim disitu..dan sekalipun tiada siapa bersamaku, aku masih punya Engkau!

Allahuakbar! Allahuakbar! Allahukabar!