Tuesday, November 25, 2008

kueh pau

Kueh pau??!! Thanx Bro. The best thing of a holiday is to be with my love ones. When my family gathers, its the bestest moment in my entire life. I love mum's sugarless tea. I love our chit chat, I love when my big sisters laugh over silly things, I love my big bros' silly jokes, I love hearing them yelling at their children, I love pretending being angry at my nephews and nieces when asking them to take bath, I love the cracky sound of the nutshells, I love the teka-teki, i love the old days stories which they told, I love the entire things about family gathering.

"Then which of the blessing of your Lord will you both deny?" (ArRahman)


Thursday, November 13, 2008


It was my very first day at work. Yet, i have learned and realised a lot. Knowing the reality of malaysian architecture is such a big dissapointment to me. Now, what a friend of mine has told me about his dream of changing Malaysians attitude toward architecture starting to make a lot of sense. Joe Ng, I think i should join you..hee :D

My friends from architecture school and I used to discuss about this matter. We used to wonder where do all the overseas graduated architects go? Why our buildings are so boring. Why whenever malaysia needs a good architect to design her prestigious building, there is no one to find locally? Why this and that?

The answer is, all the overseas graduated architects if they dont practice overseas they are actually gone no where. They are home. In this country doing their practices. Yet, blame it not on them as the issue of our poor architecture isn't their fault. Then, who to blame?

Well, lets not point finger towards anyone, but the truth is we dont have enough budget to govern expensive buildings. Okay, then why dont we design it as interesting as we could but as cheapest as possible? Thing is not as easy as that. Most of our buildings are actually financed by the government and the chinese. Well, ya, chinese people are monopolying our economy especially here in Penang. The issues with the government is they don't fancy unusual building. With the chinese, they are money-minded people, buildings are designed to serve at it best performances in making money which means, everything is about functions. A design has to be mainly programatic and no single penny is to be wasted on estatical values. Hence, all the designs become extremely pragmatic and boring!

Due to these constrains our architects do not stand a chance to design at their best. Nothing is really new. Everything is boring. Then, when the time comes that Malaysia needs a good architect, its hard to find not because we dont have one but we dont have a chance to produce one. How pathetic! What a waste of human resources!

I was told that once i become an architect, all books shut! There is nothing much to do with designing, because everything is simillar and typical. What is most important is knowing the process of getting a building approved. What??!!!! I was devastated. frustrated.

From the very beginning, I know that there is lack of awareness about architecture amongts malaysian. Nobody really gives a damn about how a building looks. They are more wary where to park their cars rather than to notice the beauty of a building. However, this fact doesnt distract me much as i believe a really impressive building could do a change and civillians are more easier to impress rather than the financer. Nevertheless, knowing the reality of malaysian built-environment really pull me down.

On the other hand, I still have a little faith in future malaysian architecture. At midst of my dissapointment, my boss hand me AM magazine. Flipping through pages of AM, i see some hopes! Generally, ya, our architecture is really poor but there are some good buildings which are beautifully DESIGNED! A bit of relief i have to say..

I dont know what is the future could offer me, but i do have some hopes! Maybe my generation of architects could bring changes!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Final Crit- Checked!
Chinese Final Exam-Checked!
Folio Submission-Checked!
Obama as US next president-Opss, Checked!
Fly Home- Soon! InshaAllah

Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1st

It's November 1st, not much of thoughts, just feel a bit fazed by the day.

The fact that I'll be sitting for Chinese language written exam flusters me with worries, yet I'm extremely excited as im going home soon..inshaAllah and ya, my design portfolio is a bit more to go. Anyway, this will be my first final exam since I'm here. Well, in architecture, we don't have exams and Chinese language is just my elective subject which is non-architectural, frequently..people tend to say we got it easy..but Allah knows, its tough.. with ample amount of works, presentations every weeks, and every end of semester almost all architecture students would suffer from sleeping and eating disorder due to the preparation for the final crit..haha..but Alhamdulillah, it didn't happen to me though, this semester.. heee~anyway, i believe, every subject has in own difficulties, and the best part is, with every difficulty comes relief.How just is He! However, I find exam is a bit of a hassle, not to say studying...probably because its very rare to me, and probably because the subject I'm doing is language, maybe its just Chinese language!..haa..I don't know but, I prefer presentation rather than exam.. hee~ love architecture!!! Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah.. Allah gives me what is best for me.. Owh, He knows me so well! (big smile) Maybe i should do elective from architecture school next time..

Thursday final crit (end of semester presentation) went quite well, Alhamdulillah..with the efforts me and my mates had put on, we couldn't ask for more. Allah had given us what we deserved, maybe more than we do. Now. just gotta get my portfolio done and....shoppingggggggggggggggg!!!!!! haha.. owh ya, i forgot..i gotta study chinese..grrrrrrrrr! ya, but i could still do some shopping in between..haha.. lots and lots and lots of things to shop.. i have a big family.. err, well maybe not really big..but ya...i have many nephews and nieces! i need to get them some souvenirs..u know, kids, the must have been expecting something from me.. and I'm not gonna disappoint them..trying to be a good aunt..haha!

Okla.. Gotta continue doing my stuff, portfolio etc...maybe go for shopping, haha..yes! maybe i should go to borders.. i got my eyes on a book called Mao's Last Dancer, a true story during communist reign (I don't fancy fiction).. I wanted to buy it yesterday, but the queue was toooooooooooooo long..so i decided to go some other day.. maybe today..hee.. besides, it has been almost a week since i finished my last book and i'm craving for more books now. Reading is the best entertainment!

Next week, at this hour, I'll be home..inshaAllah.. (big smile)