Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1st

It's November 1st, not much of thoughts, just feel a bit fazed by the day.

The fact that I'll be sitting for Chinese language written exam flusters me with worries, yet I'm extremely excited as im going home soon..inshaAllah and ya, my design portfolio is a bit more to go. Anyway, this will be my first final exam since I'm here. Well, in architecture, we don't have exams and Chinese language is just my elective subject which is non-architectural, frequently..people tend to say we got it easy..but Allah knows, its tough.. with ample amount of works, presentations every weeks, and every end of semester almost all architecture students would suffer from sleeping and eating disorder due to the preparation for the final crit..haha..but Alhamdulillah, it didn't happen to me though, this semester.. heee~anyway, i believe, every subject has in own difficulties, and the best part is, with every difficulty comes relief.How just is He! However, I find exam is a bit of a hassle, not to say studying...probably because its very rare to me, and probably because the subject I'm doing is language, maybe its just Chinese language!..haa..I don't know but, I prefer presentation rather than exam.. hee~ love architecture!!! Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah.. Allah gives me what is best for me.. Owh, He knows me so well! (big smile) Maybe i should do elective from architecture school next time..

Thursday final crit (end of semester presentation) went quite well, Alhamdulillah..with the efforts me and my mates had put on, we couldn't ask for more. Allah had given us what we deserved, maybe more than we do. Now. just gotta get my portfolio done and....shoppingggggggggggggggg!!!!!! haha.. owh ya, i forgot..i gotta study chinese..grrrrrrrrr! ya, but i could still do some shopping in between..haha.. lots and lots and lots of things to shop.. i have a big family.. err, well maybe not really big..but ya...i have many nephews and nieces! i need to get them some souvenirs..u know, kids, the must have been expecting something from me.. and I'm not gonna disappoint them..trying to be a good aunt..haha!

Okla.. Gotta continue doing my stuff, portfolio etc...maybe go for shopping, haha..yes! maybe i should go to borders.. i got my eyes on a book called Mao's Last Dancer, a true story during communist reign (I don't fancy fiction).. I wanted to buy it yesterday, but the queue was toooooooooooooo i decided to go some other day.. maybe today..hee.. besides, it has been almost a week since i finished my last book and i'm craving for more books now. Reading is the best entertainment!

Next week, at this hour, I'll be home..inshaAllah.. (big smile)

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