Friday, March 27, 2009


Okay... sebenar-benarnya, saya sangat malas melayan tag... Tidaklah sering ditag pun... tapi pernah beberapa kali tetapi tidak melayan... namun memandang kali ini yang mentag itu kakak saya... maka haruslah melayan....

1. apakah nama penuh anda?
Nur Asriah Abdul Talib

2. nama yang anda harap itu nama anda?
Huhhh... terima kasih mak dan ayah atas nama ini... saya suka nama saya... saya cuma harap jabatan pendaftaran letak dua-dua nama bapa saya dalam kad pengenalan... tapi nak buat macamana dah dia letak satu... dalam surat beranak ada dua-dua...

3. post 4 gambar yang tiada siapa tengok lagi...
huh? macam tak ada ja.. okey lah.. mungkin ini yang belum ramai tengok lagi... saya tunjuk gmbar kekasih hati la... ni sila tengok...
1.Ini Saeng, teman di kala duka dan lara...
2. Saeng dan kawan-kawan.. kawan-kawan dia tinggal di rumah ni juga, tapi satu tu jauh sedikit...

Eh..4 eh... erm... tak tahulah gambar apa lagi...
3. tengoklah... dengan my nieces...4. Entahla.. suka gambar ni..

4. apakah kenangan paling berharga dalam hidup anda?
Aduh.. susah ni.. banyak sungguh dan sukar untuk menentukan mana yang 'paling'... baiklah, saya bagi definisi 'berharga' bagi saya dulu... berharga tak semestinya 'best' tapi membawa makna dan kesan, kenangan, mungkin juga keinsafan untuk seumur kehidupan... Berdasarkan definisi tersebut, maka...paling berharga ialah saat kekalahan dan kekecewaan...

5. apakah prinsip hidup anda?
go for it as long as it does not trangress Islam. Senang cerita, I'll do what I want, but religion comes first.

6. apakah perangai anda yang paling buruk?
huh? perlu ka cakap??? Herm... stubborn.

7.tulis diatas kertas dan postkan juga 'ucapan anda kepada saya dan tandatangan anda'
Alaa... rumitnya... ala kak sarah, adik tulis di sini sahajalah...
Dear kak sarah, please get your windows and doors fixed...

Dan... saya tak nak tag sesiapa sebab saya malas mentag... harap maaf...

Monday, March 23, 2009


Does this make any sense??? Indeed, Allah knows best when He made alcoholic drinks unlawful.
Pub-violence is no stranger to Melbourne... latest incident at Southbank has injured 13 people.. But, they never learn their lesson... All this kind of new regulations that they are planning won't avail much as long as alcoholic drinks are still widely consumed... You could pay more polices to patrol all night long, you could change glasses to plastic cups, you could state limitation on consumption after certain hour... but I believe... It won't do much because you're not solving the problem at it's root... Silly you... I feel bad too, seeing the issue of 'drunken Melburnian' gets worst and worst... don't have to watch tv or listen to the news.. I witness it..all the time... from my bedroom window... Every evening, especially Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening... around 5-6 pm.. they will line up, a bunch of them willing to line up under heat or cold and wait for the door to open... from 7pm-12am, i hear them singing and laughing.... between 11pm-2am, some of them will start leaving the club... some will leave in silent.. but the rest will start yelling, cursing, talking loudly n etc etc etc... If by any chance you are walking on the street at this hour.. you will probably become the subject of their curses and assaults... and, if you had a really bad luck... you'll probably step on their vomit... It makes you feel.. really unsafe.... Another thing with Ausies.. They drink allllll the time....I'll show a photo..Okay, that was shot during my final presentation last semester... My tutor was listening to my presentation and giving me critique and he, at the same time was having a bottle of beer and he had had a few bottles prior to that.. Indeed... this happen all the time... almost every semester... final presentation wouldn't go without any alcoholic beverages served... I wonder, was he sober when he gave comments and critiques??? Anyway... These people really need to get over this habit....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I need LOVE!

I'm loving this series now.. Dose of faith... really cool, it says what our society needs to hear... U may watch other episodes in you tube...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I wrote nonsense...

Okay, it seems that a bad drought season hits my brain lately... Regardless the tides and waves of currents issues... none seems to interest me to write on, well... probably some do, but kinda inappropriate... Well, the bad thing is, this drought is beginning to creep into design department of my brain...All the staffs in that department are probably hibernating now.. arghh... a bunch of lazy bums are living in my brain... Hence, it's affecting my design process which I should be doing right now... Anyway, since my design department is not working, I ask the blogging department of my brain to at least come out with something... Well, the production line has to keep on moving... So, here it is... some nonsense from blogging department of Kiambang's brain...

Let me tell u about my yesterdays....
Those were the days when I thought life is easy
Those were the days when I used to believe in fairy tales and fictions
Those were the days when I bought lies for happiness
Those were the days that I would laughed when my brothers are crying
Those were the days that I would cried over broken nails
Those were the days that I clung heavily to my possessions
Those were the days when I was blinded by my fantasy
Those were the days when I was deafened by my ignorance
Those were the days when I was silenced by my stupidity
Those were the days that I cared about nobody but myself
Those were the days that I never understood love
Those were the days that I forgot about tomorrows

Let me tell you about today...
These are the days that I'm learning the difficulties of life
These are the days that I'm reading non-fiction
These are the days that I'm telling the truth even though it hurts
These are the days that I will cry with my brothers
These are the days that I will not let my nails break
These are the days that I'm giving away what I have
These are the days that my eyes are opened by realities
These are the days that I'm listening to everything I should have listened before
These are the days that I will speak even though my English is broken...
These are the days that I still care about myself but try to care about others too..
These are the days that I'm learning the meaning of love
These are the days that I will think about tomorrow, but will never forget yesterday...

Okay, thanks to blogging department... anyway, i think this is kinda lame... can't you guys think of something more interesting??? Do you want me to fire you? This month salary will be underpaid... Owh, God... Can't take this anymore... hey, design department.. wake uppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Bila aku rindu
Diri pula terasa malu
Bila aku sendu
Masa yang ada ku biar berlalu
Bicara ku kelu
Sekadar jiwa berlagu sayu

Remuk rapuh cinta semalam
Kian lama kian suram
Apa mungkin menjadi kelam
Dihimpit malam diamuk dendam
Jangan kau hilang
Aduhai sayang....

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Why create so much noise???
Haish... I wonder who initiates this... but I suppose... it is not about the idea of teaching those 2 subjects in english.. it is more on the implementation... I personally think it is a good idea, as i, hitherto wish that I've learned those subjects in english.. it was so much hassles when I enter matriculation and have to relearn those subjects in a different language, well, english... maybe my english would be much much better than now... owh... my poor english.. I heard from my sister who is a teacher teaching science in sk... the problem arises when the the teachers who suppose to teach those subjects have lack competency in english... so, they can't teach well... herm, but in my opinion.. it is okay to explain stuff in malay but use english term... well, not at whole... but maybe mixing between two languages... (rojak market english like what Ah Niu would say..ahak) then, somebody might say, u will deteriorate malay language... well, send those teachers to english classes then...I don't know.. I shouldn't talk much on this though... But, I won't go mad on this kind of issue.. well, probably I will if the subjects are Bahasa Melayu or Sejarah... huhuu... Malaysian shoudn't waste so much energy though, creating so much crowd for such an issue...Yaa... but i do think 'pemboleh ubah' sounds cuter than 'variables'... hheee... peace... jangan la gaduh-gaduh!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I decided to get back to kicking and punching again... Gonna be a lot of fun this time, along with my two other friends... It feels so good to be able to stretch all the rigid and stagnant muscles again.... like those good old days...when I was so young... hee...

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I will be starting a new studio tomorrow... feeling a lil bit jittery... May Allah guides me through.. Ameen.... Back to school!