Sunday, March 8, 2009


Why create so much noise???
Haish... I wonder who initiates this... but I suppose... it is not about the idea of teaching those 2 subjects in english.. it is more on the implementation... I personally think it is a good idea, as i, hitherto wish that I've learned those subjects in english.. it was so much hassles when I enter matriculation and have to relearn those subjects in a different language, well, english... maybe my english would be much much better than now... owh... my poor english.. I heard from my sister who is a teacher teaching science in sk... the problem arises when the the teachers who suppose to teach those subjects have lack competency in english... so, they can't teach well... herm, but in my opinion.. it is okay to explain stuff in malay but use english term... well, not at whole... but maybe mixing between two languages... (rojak market english like what Ah Niu would say..ahak) then, somebody might say, u will deteriorate malay language... well, send those teachers to english classes then...I don't know.. I shouldn't talk much on this though... But, I won't go mad on this kind of issue.. well, probably I will if the subjects are Bahasa Melayu or Sejarah... huhuu... Malaysian shoudn't waste so much energy though, creating so much crowd for such an issue...Yaa... but i do think 'pemboleh ubah' sounds cuter than 'variables'... hheee... peace... jangan la gaduh-gaduh!

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