Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Spider Gone Mad

Is it true that, if you tell people that you have the best/ the most precious thing in the whole wide universe, no one would ever believe in you? that... it is better for you, not to say anything... or people would just think you're insane.

Is it true that, if you must always hide a matter, it is in some senses, is a crime? or to some people.. whom it may or may not concern, or who may or may not concern you, it is rather offensive?

Is it true that, if too many people know about a thing that you believe is about to happen which you're somehow still quite curious about how it's going to happen, it will never ever happen... you would then have to blame it on the expectation. Expectation kills, curiosity has retired.  

I don't know which one is which, which one is true. The spider has gone mad. Oh, but I know, in this world , there is you. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Obedient Wives Club

The first time I heard about it, I was like... LOL...! now, there's a club for that? ridiculous!
anyways, I took that as  a joke, but later realized...woooaaah, these guys are pretty serious. They even made it international yo! haha

I wonder what's the main motivation that leads them to this. Educating women to be obedient? Teaching domestic housewife skills including, how-to-treat-your-husband-in-bed by comparing to the first-class-whores? what the..! or just a way of asking some acknowledgement from the male species that we're trying realllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy hard here to please you.... awwwwwww~  I supposed the club provides them with certificates too... that's what you got after every seminar or skills training, aite?

So the next time the husband complains, the wife can pretty much go;
 "abang! I taatt, ni ada sijil tau... jangan main2"

Godness gracious! they made men seem like such a pervert species on earth. 

and don't we have enough women's right and feminist group to deal with all of these concerns of being women/wives?

now the Sewing Club joined by a friend sounds a lot more sensible to me.

Ladies, don't you have anything else better to do? Yeah, go on... get busy with the club.... tgh hari lupa masak nasik! Ops!

I don't know... just think women should empower themselves with something better. Come oonnnnnnnn.

Yeah yeah.. I'm prolly being a pessimistic. oh well, what an unmarried girl* knows about being a good wife. but btw, I rather remain unmarried than being compared to a prostitute. Thanks!

*or maybe a person like me needs some lesson to become obedient. Kelab Isteri Taat, that is! ;p

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Itsy Dipsy Spider Trying To Get Higher

"Don't wish upon the stars... for stars themselves are made out of wishes."

I guess the problem with human mind "my mind" is; it acts more like a spiderweb. The heart, well my heart, is the spider. Every little thought or information is the catch... and this spider... sometimes can't tell whether the catch is edible or not. Poor little spider. 

Sure it's gonna be a mess if all the bugs and flies stuck on the web are left uneaten. But that doesn't mean you should just scrap them all in my dear spidey. That's okay. A web doesn't last very long anyway. They gonna fall down, and you gonna have to keep fixing and rebuilding it.

Every bug you've swallowed isn't gone. They become a part of you. and that's the problem, when the catch is poisonous.

But hey, you're not just any spider. Don't fall sick so easily. Let some of the catches left embedded in the web, thicken and strengthen the structure of the weave. You! don't eat them! You're not just any spider. You're a Tarantula.