Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Spider Gone Mad

Is it true that, if you tell people that you have the best/ the most precious thing in the whole wide universe, no one would ever believe in you? that... it is better for you, not to say anything... or people would just think you're insane.

Is it true that, if you must always hide a matter, it is in some senses, is a crime? or to some people.. whom it may or may not concern, or who may or may not concern you, it is rather offensive?

Is it true that, if too many people know about a thing that you believe is about to happen which you're somehow still quite curious about how it's going to happen, it will never ever happen... you would then have to blame it on the expectation. Expectation kills, curiosity has retired.  

I don't know which one is which, which one is true. The spider has gone mad. Oh, but I know, in this world , there is you. 


Anonymous said...

the spiders gone mad because her web caught every little thing the world has to offer?

spiders dont usually eat up everything they catch.they usually wrap up their victims and store them for later. they eat when they feel like it i guess.

what u catch isnt necessary bad. if ur unsure, just keep them wrapped up for later days. eat up what ur sure are to safe today. =P (unhelpful comment~)

KIAMBANG said...

this spider is trying to gain some weight. haha