Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wouldn't it be nice?


Okay, I know it’s 1 pm… but hey, I woke up early today… at least, earlier than usual… I’m really trying to stop being a nocturnal… aaa, no good, no good… it has been weeks except for a few days which always turned out to be wasted attempts of being normal. I must and I have to sleep at night and do work during the day!!!

In fact, it has been mentioned in so many places in the quran, how night is made as covering for us to rest and day with light for us to work. (ie: An-Naba’)

So, while having my breakfast, ok.. let’s be honest, lunch, or maybe brunch… whatever you call it but obviously it’s not a breakfast… btw.. I just learned how to eat English muffin(?) with sambal… apa?! Biaq laaa… org malaysia ok! And I also just learned how to cook an egg in the microwave… that’s what happened when you are not allowed to cook… oooh, how I miss the challenge of making a perfectly over easy egg… eh, dah terubah tajuk, so yeah, I googled about ‘how to stop being a nocturnal’ and I found this from here.

1.Set a time when you want to be capable of go to sleep.

2. Avoid caffeine (coffee & soda) 4-6 hours earlier this time.

3. Don't do anything stimulating near this time similar to watching tv
shows that you are very into and can catch you excited.

4. Set a time when you want to wake up.

5. Get two alarm clocks for this... place one subsequent to your bed
and the other one across the room.

6. Focus yourself before you dance to sleep that you will wake up
and acquire up when the alarm clocks go bad.

7. (This is the toughest - you will need seriously of will power)
When the alarms go sour, force yourself to get up to turn
them sour and go to the bathroom to swab your face with
cold river.If you can go straight to the shower right away, it would be
much better.

8. When you still consistency like going backbone to bed, try to resist. As days go by following your sleep "schedule", your body will start to find used to shutting down at a certain time and wake back up at a sure time.

9. (This is the most important piece of advice)
On days when you do not enjoy work, wake up at the same
as you customarily would, or 1 hour later at the drastically latest.

Good luck!

Ok, so I got some issues here, I guess no 1 is pretty simple, I do that all the time, in fact for last 2 days, I had put some efforts into it, I tried to sleep early but ended up tossing in bed for hours… that’s a lot more tiring than doing 3d model. Anyway… no2. ? no caffeine? Errr… ya I know it says, 4 hr before bedtime, but…what if I want to sleep at 12, does that mean that I can’t have my tea/coffee as early as at 8 pm… uwaaa!

And no 3? What about autocading and 3d modeling? I’m always into my work? Reading? Trust me, reading rarely makes me sleepy. In fact, if it’s a good book, it keeps me awake. And I don’t have tv in my room, I wish I do because I could fall asleep easily while watching tv, regardless how interesting the show....and… heyyyy, I can’t start counting the sheep at 10 pm… commmonnn… no 4 is okay… but no 5, NO, I can’t do that, I have a roommate. No 6?... errr… okay! 7?... errr, okay…. 8?! Heee.. sounds pretty tough… my bed always looks so yummy in the morning…. So good to ‘tungging buyung’… heee… 9? What?!!! Mummmmm, it’s the weekend.

Oklaaa… common la kiambang, you still have to do it meh. Besides, it’s almost winter and night is longer whatttt… and night is colder, then u get sick sick meh… I should stop ruining my ruined English!

Ok. Actually, I had once managed to quit being a nocturnal, that was a year ago I think. I blogged about it, but can’t be bothered to search for the post. So I can do it. Yeah, yeah… that’s the spirit girl….

*yawn* so sleepy… the sun is so bright and its making dizzy… and sleepy…. Heeee….

Anyone here loves chai? OMG, I found the new Lipton chai latte with honey and cinnamon is pretty awesome… and it goes well with the English muffin and sambal and egg…. Hahaa… what a fusion.

ish! it looks pretty lousy here. its good though, with the sambal!

Wish me best for my current goal to stop being a nocturnal =)... 

* I should stop listening to "wouldn't it be nice" by the Beachboys


taufiq said...

toughest to me would be no. 2

KIAMBANG said...

after awhile, i realized that all the above are pretty tough...haha