Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Added Sugar

I would usually write the post title at the end of the writing process, right before publishing the post, that's why my post title most of the times are irrelevant to the post.

I have nothing in particular to write about, however I feel an urge to write something, something lackadaisically sweet... just like my daily orange juice here, with 'no added sugar'… haha… That's not going to happen though… well… I'm not a sweet person by nature, so it's almost impossible for me to write something 'sweet' effortlessly.

I've been hanging at the edge of my emotion lately, feeling a little bit out of control sometimes, which I really hate. But I suppose, at some phases of life, we would all feel this way regardless of the reason. Sometimes we feel so down, out of place and discouraged, and if we were to look for reasons, we'll surely find one. Human are always full of excuses. But a wise man looks at the bright side. A wise man sees the light at the end of a dark tunnel. A wise man finds millions of reason to rise after each fall. And a Muslim believes that with every hardship comes an ease. 

SO, it's been raining lately and I just bought a very pretty red umbrella. Since I've been objected from wearing a red coat, I went for a red umbrella. I know, wearing red (outdoor) isn't good for women. When I was young, my mak always said "pakai merah, nanti kena ligan (kejar) lembu"… even though it's kind of true that bulls are attracted to red (I thought so because people use red flag to attract the bull in bullfight).. but I never heard mak said that to my abang-abang. When I was growing up, my ayah and abang have constantly discouraging me from wearing red. I asked for a pair of red baju kurung for hari raya, and I ended up getting green. I don't really know since when I like red, all that I'm sure of I really really really love white. Anyway, being quite rebellious, I tend to like thing that people object me from. Especially those with no clear reason. I used to think that ayah dislikes me wearing red due to some political reason… haha… 

But, as I get to know 'life' and had a chance to study the psychology of colour, I kind of understand that it is not so much about the bull, nor the politic. But it is more about the colour itself, red. It is indeed, very very very daring and attractive. Red associates with excitement and movement, it is important to see red (at the right amount) in our daily live because it stimulates energy… and out of all colours, red is the most attractive, not that many like it (blue is the most favorable colour)… but it draws attention… (Some studies show red cars get more tickets but that maybe because the red car owners drive faster or the ticket giver notices the movement of the red car more prominently)… so, I guess it's quite easy to comprehend why women should not wear too much red. I like to write using red pen though.

Let's stick to white then. White is so ambiguous, is it a colour or is it the absence of colour? I love the purity in white and how it blends with others easily…. I love that it is a compression of all colours in the colour spectrum… I love that white is always the beginning of all creativity… a white sketchbook, a white canvas, a white fabric… I love to see white as a wedding theme, it represents a pure beginning of a beautiful and more colourful life… I love how white brings out the subtleness in others, for instant… a little of white in red brings out the lovely pink… a little of white in blue brings out the peaceful light blue… white is the sweetest colour of all… and the sweetest person I ever known in this world is named 'Che Puteh', My mum….

So, can I become a Snow White?
But I don't want to eat a poisoned apple and get kissed by a stranger in the middle of a forest.

Or maybe I should be a White Queen?
she is pretty creepy... and weird...

or this one?
I'm not interested in killing a lion though...

ermmm...maybe this one is better..

Owh... but I can't wear this gown to class though... hahaa... maybe should just buy a white coat.

oh, hang on! I already have too many white coats and my friend is telling me to stop buying whites. In fact, I shouldn't buy anymore coat.

I'm going back this winter…. Woohooo….Haha… I never went back during winter, but for some reasons… I just want to go back. heeee~

Why is it so easy to write about 800 words for a post, but it so freaking hard to write 250 words for an assignment. Ish ish ish… ada org nak kena tibai!


ct sarah said...

i have a very bright red dress..now i don't care about the colour...as long my husband approved it...

KIAMBANG said...

kak sarah! you are married laaa... you wear for abg ki, should be okay lah