Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yusoof and Me (part 01)

I had long favour the Yusoof more than the other, and I ask Allah to pardon me for that. 

For a person, who has only basic knowledge of Arabic, I rely a lot in the tafseer to understand the general meaning of the ayahs in the Quran. I am not a hafizah, like most of you or maybe worse, I find memorising quran is a real challenge. It was easier as a child. I remember memorising surah Al-A'la just by listening to my dad reciting it quite frequently in solah al-maghrib. 

There was a phase of my life which I had dedicated to listening to the audio of tafseer, sometimes while doing work etc, I regret it didn't become a habit. But alhamdulillah, it had got me the interest of reading the meaning of the quran, instead just reciting the ayahs. You know what I mean, if you're not an arabic speaker like me. This article is a perfect read. It is what I put into practice every Ramadhan, when I should be doing that all year round. such a shame!. I wish I had been more determined.

I love, Surah Yusoof.

The other night in taraweeh, the imam recited it beautifully, and I just can't help but for the first time in this Ramadhan I felt excited while praying. I most of the time, failed to understand arabic, it is hard to stay focus in a normal salah, let alone the long ones, it adds to the frustration when the imam is crying while reciting and I can't catch a word. 

I like to share the reason of liking Surah Yusuuf. It got to be more than the fact that Yusuuf was a handsome prophet ;p

But I stop at here for now.

I'll write again maybe tonight, inshaAllah.

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