Thursday, November 11, 2010


At times, you wonder about your own behavior… but when you’re back to where you came from… you know that there is nothing weird about the way you are…and if it’s in the blood, changing it would be a lifelong dream.

Apparently, no one loves snide remarks. Especially when it’s thrown just in your face… funny jokes that ain’t funny… laughter and giggles that crawl into you like poisonous bugs, ripping your flesh of the bones.

But hey, sarcasm works wonders when nothing else matters…. And very often, it leaves you something to live with… something like a derogatory remark about yourself… hahaa… aside from trust, self-confidence is very expensive.

…and many times in my life, I could barely tell the difference between vices and virtues…

I am forever small, looking up to all the great people around me. Life is good.


uglychase said...

is that you (the lady on the header)?

KIAMBANG said...

hehe... yaaa..