Saturday, November 13, 2010

There's Been A Death in The Opposite House

2 very close relatives (an uncle and cousin) passed away last year.

Yesterday, a neighbor’s grandson involved in an accident, and died.

Last few months, a cousin’s house was caught fire, his wife was severely injured and breathed her last after few days in ICU

My friend was 19 and he was killed in a road accident when I was 18.

Another friend… a year younger, passed away of a lung cancer.

A neighbor whom I don’t remember his name died last month.

We all will eventually die, it’s just the matter of when… and normally whenever the thought of dying visits, it comes with that lame rhetorical question which often left unanswered… Are you ready?

constantly reminded, yet continuously forgetting.... Me!


JelinaJoli said...

teringat cerita literature tu. tp dah lupa ceritanya

KIAMBANG said...

mmg tajuk dia pun. hahaa... poem la ina, bukan cerita.