Tuesday, November 16, 2010


 Happy Eid! 

Commonly, Malaysian Eid celebration wouldn't be complete without ketupat.. so this time around, I'm gonna show you how to wrap a Ketupat Palas (sticky rice dumpling)... 

Frankly speaking I'm not a good cook (I should say, not yet), but wrapping ketupat palas is something I can proudly teach anyone. hahaha... 

Though it might seem kinda easy, if you fold the leaf to the wrong direction, your ketupat might end up as 'ketupat betina' (female? ketupat)... oh well, how do I explain this, its rather perverse to put a photo or explain... well, doesn't matter... here's the steps of how to wrap a sticky rice ketupat.

1. Fold the wide edge of the leave into a cone shape container

2. Fill it with the half-cooked sticky rice (the rice was cooked with cocunut milk, a few pandan leaves and salt)

3. Fold the tail of the leaf to the left, covering the rice

4. ok, this is a tricky part... and my nephew didn't take the photo properly... haish
Bring the leaf underneath the bunch and fold into a ring shape on the right corner of the ketupat, with the tail of the leaf on the inside under the bunch. This will form a corner of the ketupat or as my mum called it 'the ear' of the ketupat.

5. Pull it tightly, but don't pull too hard... otherwise the leaf will break and unable to contain the rice... the rice will spill out, like guts spilling out of a torn bulging tummy... euuww!
6. Tadaaaa! That's it... a Palas Ketupat... usually, I'll tie a knot with the remaining leaf just to secure the wrap.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy ketupat dah jadi! Muahaha!

Now you can either boil it, or steam it.

Good Luck!!!


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