Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello! I'm a sixteen y/o. You?

"laaa, bila balik ni....?"
"awat nampak seghoh (semakin kurus) sangat? tinggai haluih (halus = kecil) hang duk sana?"
"brapa taun lg? ni kak Ra (bukan nama sebenar) kat Mesir lg 6 taun"
"nanti ajak tok p rumah" (referring to my mum)

1. I come to realize that whenever people ask 'when did you come back?' my standard answer would always be, 'few weeks ago'...

2. A few people has noted that I've grown thinner in some ways. That includes my dad n brother. Apparently, not eating properly throughout this year has taken it's toll on me.

3. Judging from my physical appearance, people always think I'm younger than my age. I suppose, it's not so bad if you're in your 40s... in fact, it's something I wish would happen when I grow old.  However, to be mistakenly thought as a high school student when you are at your best age of adulthood is so not cool. I wonder if this would be a problem in getting a job in the future. Would people trust me to be a site architect? Even my previous boss once said," if you were to be placed at a site, you'll definitely fall sick". Do I look that fragile?

4. I know how great it is to be a doctor... but I'm not becoming a doctor, despite my 5 year long studying abroad. Fullstops.

5. Still, it's funny when a neighbor addressed her 5 year younger granddaughter as 'kak' to me, until I reminded her that I'm the same age as her eldest grandson.

6. This is the worst... a distant relative deliberately mistaking me for being my niece, my abg ngah's daughter. She's 12.

7. If I were really 16, I'm almost as good as Sheldon...doing a master degree at this age. haha.


JelinaJoli said...

suka dikata muda remaja. plus, suara yg masih belum baligh. like!

KIAMBANG said...

hahaa... ada beza ka ina sora pempuan?

Muaz Nabil said...

big bang theory! :P

KIAMBANG said...

can't get over it. haaha