Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Holy Floral Pattern

You do not know how much what you say on fb or twitter can affect others. or at least make others think. for example, a brother on my twitter tweeted;

"a sister's reading Quran on the tram, mashaAllah"

This left me pondering about people's perception seeing me reading Quran on a tram. I don't do it frequently, in fact I rarely carry Quran around since I use iphone for there's an apps for it, but now that its Ramadhan, just like many of us I try my best to increase my Quran reading as much as I can... and travelling over an hour to and fro almost everyday gives me quite a chance to flip through my little holy book. I used not to mind what people think, especially the non-muslims. I sometimes like how that sort of thing kinda become a conversation starter. but to make 'an impression' on other muslim, is the least I wish to do.

To's some kind of guilt to present yourself better than what you are. I feel ashamed if people had given a better impression than my true self. I wonder if any of you had ever felt this way too. I don't know how to explain this. It's just, people kinda give you a good perception and somehow through the complexity of your mind, it turns into an expectation that does not meet up the actual condition. and, it's a shame, on me! huhu.

So today, I clothed my little green Quran with floral pattern wrapping. Unless you peep through, no one knows what I'm reading. I don't know if it's good or bad. but the matter of heart, is always hard to justify.

O'Allah, grant me hikmah in every decision I made, big or small. Ameen

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Miasuraya said...

I don't think you ought to be guilty though, especially if your intention is not to "make an impression".

You could possibly touch other people when they see you reading a Quran on a tram. They might just grab theirs and start reading at home, or purchase a smaller version to start carrying it while commuting, like you would.

In fact, just reading this makes me want to do the same.

xoxo Your former neighbor, right bed, 306.