Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Love is Agreeing to Disagree.

We are not created similar to each other. The malay proverb says, rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain. You might come from the same root, breathe the same air, eat the same food, wear the same cloth or even sleep on the same bed, but no matter how much we share and we care for each other in this world, in some circumstances we would differ from one another.

Being married taught me that you could love someone so so much that you would give your life to him, but sometimes, you would still have a different opinion from your love one. Different opinion, different preference, different way of doing things and solving an equation. You could be so similar to your spouse in the way that you always pointing at the same bird and smiling at the same rainbow when you both look up to the sky  but the moment you lay your eyes to the ocean, the ocean seems bluer in your eyes but greener in his. The remote island at a far-far away of the horizon seems like a mystical creature that make up your imagination of a mythical story, but to him, it looks like a potential place for a new tourism palace.

And it happens, all the time, sometimes we contest one another, who's opinion is better, why am I right and you are wrong, sometimes we fight to prove our self,  sometimes you have to lift the other person higher or bring him lower to your eye level so he could understand why are you seeing a different color, that perspective matters, sometimes we have to settle in the middle in which neither of us really satisfy, but we let it go, because we love. And love rules above all the differences. Love concurs. 

You know, I think we can actually build a park with all the mystic creatures at that island, it could be part of the tourist attraction at that far-far away island. :)

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