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On Counterfeit Milk

Back in 2008, we heard of The Chinese Milk Scandal, thousands of babies become victims, some died. That was the year when I first heard the danger of melamine. I remember it was a concern then regarding plates and food container we used at home for they are known as melamine wares. Melamine was the substance that was said, added to the formula to increase their volume  God forbid such incident happens in this country or anywhere else. 

Those premises that were caught red handed should be named to the public. From the comments, many insisted the brand of the milk should not be blurred out, I believe it is just as important for the public to know the suppliers and premises that were/are selling them, if they can fake out one brand, what's stopping them from doing the same to the other brands on their shelves. 

This is a serious concern. KPDNKK, AHDA, Abbotts, MeadJohnsons or even maybe Fonterra should do something and for us consumers, there is still no rule or guide in identifying those counterfeit milk on the market,  the least that we can do is to be more cautious, buy milk from trusted seller, some insisted we buy from their direct US distributer, have some doubts if the price is too cheap, maybe buy formula packaged in cans  with safety seal instead of in the box. What more can we do? Call for a riot? Boycotts? Fresh milk as substitute? Ambush the factory? Sitback and relax? change the g....


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