Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Rationale of Calling An Adult "Baby"

Baby baby baby oooh....

No, I don't really listen to Bieber, I suppose, that is the only line out of all his songs that I know of.

Now people, I have an announcement to make. 

We have a new member of the family! yay! and she is so God-knows adorable!

The family hasn't had any baby for like 6 years, the youngest one was in standard one. Now she was born, everyone is really excited. I am excited! ahaha. and it has been 7 days but she hasn't got a name. While the parents are being indecisive, her 7 yr old brother decided that she should just be called "baby". She is baby Baby!

*cuteness overload*

Babies are cute. God made them cute and lovable. So we love them, even when they cry, even when they poo. Should they make a mess, we'll clean after them, feed them when they are hungry, hug them to sleep and kiss them all over the place, sing them the sweetest lullaby, forgive them when they get on our nerves, dress them with the best clothes you can afford, and laugh, laugh as they laugh... and a twinge of smile from their tiny lips make your day. 

So I suppose, when you call an adult 'baby', that person must be, cute and lovable to you.... and must be so dear like... uhm uhm uhm....a baby to you.... 

and you don't hurt babies. 

so that song, what was it called? I remember listening to it back in Melbourne with the girls... the one with the lyrics "baby baby jangan kau marah...." what was the title, I don't know. but yeah, I have a good reason to find it very annoying and loathsome. 

so yeah... "don't call me baby..." who sang the song? ah, I don't really remember singers.

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