Monday, October 15, 2007


Every now and then, Look at all your friends
And see how good they are, And if they fear Allah
Cause more often than not, those great friends you got
Those friends you know so well, will only make you fail

Who are them people that you hang with and gang with
I thought you said your Muslim and respect you demand it
You say they understand it, know about your habits
You say its safe to chill with them so knowledge they can have it
Well ya that’s kinda true, because the dawa that we do
Gotta teach them al-Islam cause right now it's kinda new
But yo, what's up with your homie, I wanna know
Why you keep him as a friend he be mad phony
It's like I see "AstagfirAllah" written on his head
You know the kinda guy he is cause all the things he said
I see lots of trippin' and sinning is not at minimal
All the people round the block know he's a criminal
The others are no better, Instead of
Following your ways, they follow kafirs to the letter
You never try to get a, moment of their time see to sit with them and shed a -
Light on their evil ways, over many days
Your in faith in Allah, it decays
You say you teach them morals with Islam as your source
But you follow their ways and they don’t follow yours
Scores of bad deeds coming your way,
See it's only with the Muslim that I chill with night and day
I keep shaytan at bay, so a mu'min I will stay.
I got good Muslims left, got good Muslims on my right
The others are my friends but I try to give light
I'm trying to give them sight so I spend hours with' em
But the folks that I role with they are only Muslim.
Cause Islam is my deen and I am trying to uphold it,
So only Muslims do I role with.

Bad bad brotherhood, do me no good
Are they your friends cause they live in your hood
Are they your crew cause, uh, what would do, if uh
You said good bye to folk you always knew, They'll say
We don’t need you and what you'll be alone
Spend hours bored maybe stuck in your home.
Or hmm maybe you're scared that uh, Muslims are weird,
And uh, they only worry of the Hijab and beard
So no, you hang with them, but who you trying to fool,
It's all about your rep your steps to being cool.
Little by little though, you leave the middle road,
You start behaving like them but you don’t even know,
Always you fail, maybe end up in jail,
But uh, there is no bail if you end up in hell
And when you see your scale, you'll beat yourself and yell
Why'd I take him as a friend just so I could chill,
Many Muslim people as friends I could have had
Excuses I made, but I knew that they ain't bad
But you stuck with the dude, with the bad attitude
He was very rude and shrewd and kinda crude.
So listen up here, cause now you're in the loop.
It's time to find a new group to be your troop.
Not just any Muslims they got to have good Iman,
They understand the beautiful plan of Al-Islam
And know about the test of living inside the West
If you find a buddy like that, it be the best
So check who your friends are, you never know,
That maybe your best friend is really your worst foe.

+++ good friends are hard to come by...pious one is even harder... i thank Allah for my friends.. our ukhwah is really beautiful... seems like its my first time living in a great circle of friends... i love u all, my friends... uhibbukum..fillah..

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