Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Great Depression of A Butter-fly

Assuming I am at the center, within a radius of 7 meters... Two people are playing games. yeah, I know. life can be rather mundane some days. I am, as usual at my brother's. 

That tiny gorgeous creature is sleeping beautifully in a modern cradle. 

I've been considering about moving out of here. Wonder if life is more promising somewhere else. A home can be like a cocoon sometimes, it provides you with a security you ever asked. It is safe, but to spread your wings, you still need to get out of it.

I am no butterfly though. A butter is sticky and melting, thus, it cannot fly. Sizzle a fresh salmon on a flat frying pan with a bit of salted butter and pepper. It'll send you off your feet. hey, you're flying?!

I am a reckless driver. I drove up a road divider, almost got hit by an ice truck and sent a bikers off the road. It all happened in the same month. I should drive a tank. No, that's dangerous for others. Should consider taking a heli licence. 

I am bored. Care for a ride?

Being jobless for too long is depressing, unless someone can sponsor you for a superb holiday. I went to London again the other night. In a dream so real. Was that a sign?

It's time to be that annoying aunt....



chimidama said...

haha..still remember your email address..butter can't fly.

Kiambang said...

hey, u remember! ahaha.. yeah, a librarian once thought my email is quite funny-but-true. ahaha.

Anonymous said...

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