Monday, February 13, 2012

Mr. T

Its about 10 minutes to 5 in the afternoon. I can hear the clock ticking, exactly the way a clock should sounds like when it ticks. A lot slower than the White Rabbit's clock in Alice in Wonderland, a little faster than my footsteps as I walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water. If I shut my eyes tight, and listen to the sound very very attentively, I could almost make believe that there is a bomb planted somewhere near and I'm doomed to explosion in 2.7 minutes. 

Time is life, life is time. Why does the clock seem to tick faster when we are having a good time and a minute can feel like forever when you are watching Twilight, I mean, when you are in pain or having a bad time?

The Oath, The Promise... has been made in the name of time. 

Time heals wounds, time teaches patient, time dictates success, time reveals truth, time answers mysteries, time does all, and in many situation the best we could do to deal with time is to wait. 

But never, shall we forget. Time is also a creation. Allah is the Most Powerful above all.

Thus, make duaa. Supplicate to Him who hath created time, for time could be our best friend, our savior, our success, could be all that we want, should Allah will... and we ask Allah for the best.

InshaAllah. :)

Have a good time, peeps.

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