Monday, September 13, 2010


I have so much random thoughts in my head… well, I’m desperately in need of something useful for my design.. but all of this randomness is hindering my brain from working properly… adoila…

*I promptly named a friend Mahmud for no reason today*

The coming mid semester crit chills me to the bone. I’m doing such a studio which I kinda like very much despite the crazy hectic workloads… really wanna give all my best… besides… my ex will be coming as one of the guest crits… opps! I mean, my ex-tutor… muahaha.. *haish, merepek sgt aih ckp!!!*

Have a snippet of my preliminary design proposal:

my tutor said it's 'beautifully ugly' *hmmph!* or in master chef term ' yuckyyumm'

Haish… I feel like a hopeless lazy bum… blame it on the raya mode! Oh! Ask me not about my raya… it was good all in all, alhamdulillah… but how could I ever be celebrating much when all these worries are having its own celebration in my head…. Syyyhhh.. do you hear it? Chiiiuwwww chiuuwwww chiuuwww… braprbappapappp…booommm… it’s fireworks! see! told ya… a bunch of worries are having a little party in my head. *I’m really getting old before time.*

I NEED TO GET BACK TO WORK!!! Oh dear… my head is a mess… did I have too much kuah kacang just now? My brother once said to me… well, he asked me something (I can’t remember exactly what it was)… I delayed a little before responding to his question and he was like “kepala adik tu semak, you need to sort out your mind like a library… the coding system blablabla” his common metaphorical lecture which rarely makes any sense to me… sorry brother… I could tell how properly sorted your mind is… but the fact that our names are similar doesn’t make me as good as you… owh, but you are pretty random too. *why am I talking about my brother?*

…and my laptop is experiencing the blue screen of death lately… how it breaks my heart seeing my charming Mr Asus like this… I kinda get a little freaked out as my previous Toshiba horribly ruined and dysfunctional after frequent attack of the blue screen. Uwaaaa… and this evening my desktop switched on by itself… *gasp*

Technology awes me sometimes… especially seeing how everyone looks so fabulously smooth skinned bright eyed in the photos… thank you much to the invention of dslr… owh, please don’t mention purikura… hikhik… it does make me feel pretty once in a while.. I guess, it could be good for improving one’s self esteem. Muahaha…

Opppss! Ada org tepon.

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