Sunday, September 5, 2010

If he comes knocking at my door...

I’m having a light headache probably from the rain this afternoon… took some panadol and tried to put myself to sleep but for some reasons, my eyes refuse to shut… I want to do work but my brain isn’t functioning very well and I’m rather a little cranky…

The light is off, and as I was drifting in my thoughts I remember a beautiful real event/story which was told to me a few days ago.

..and I feel like sharing it with everyone…

There is a man who is a caretaker of a masjeed here in Victoria. One day, while he was sitting alone in the masjeed, two good looking bearded men visited the masjeed.

As this two men arrived, they performed an ablution hence entered the masjeed. Upon entering the mosque, one of them said to the caretaker whose name is Mansoor.

“Salam O’ my brother Mansoor, are you ready?”

Mansoor was smitten by the question… but after a little pause he positively answered;

“inshaAllah, I’m ready”

He hence got up from his sitting and walked towards the two men.

One of them then asked again.

“Is it ready yet?”

Mansoor answered again, “inshaAllah… I’m ready”

The man said to Mansoor.

“My name is Jibrail and I’m here to take it from you”

Mansoor replied “of course I know who you are”

Jibrail then said, “I’m going to take the cd”

Mansoor answered “Yes, you can have all my cds brother"

Jibrail was seemed a little confused by the answer so he clarified his intention to Mansoor.

“No, it’s the cd that you supposed to do the copying for tonight’s event”

Mansoor hence grasped the situation and it wasn’t what he promptly thought.. and of course, the angel of death is called Izrail not Jibrail. =)

The story was told by brother Mansoor himself (may not be his real name) but I altered and simplified the story here and there… it’s way more dramatic and funny if your hear it directly from him… plus, I’m rather a lousy story teller… my deepest apology for that.

However, this story is a very charming reminder indeed and it’s not plainly a miscommunication between Mansoor and Jibrail… May Allah bless brother Mansoor for his constant remembrance of death. To my mind, it’s sort of a call to reflect upon myself.

If the angle of death comes knocking on my door right now and asks me, are you ready… would I be able to say, Yes I am ready, inshaAllah?

Nothing is more certain than death… but why do I feel so unprepared?

‘O Lord, indeed You are The Oft Pardoning, You love pardon so pardon me’

So to speak, death is the best reminder!


tina said...

Sedih & gerunnye baca part kaler err... aqua (?) tu. I'm SO not ready.

alonq_exe said...

Terkejut jugak apesal Jibril datang nak amik nyawa. Tapi memang 'like' post ni!

Terima kasih.