Saturday, September 25, 2010

Merepek lagiii...

As soon as you started talking to people about your situation or anything that’s burdening you. You’ll realize you’re not alone. God created each of us unique but at the same times have so much in common so that we could learn from one another.

I’m not a big fan of generalization for I never see two situations as equal. There is no one size for everything. But I do believe as much as we think others don’t understand us, they do have things in their mind that could relate to what is in ours… and as much as I don’t fancy generalization, I use it all the times just because it makes sense to many people rather than just myself.

It won’t be me not having so much thoughts mounting in head. I always try to focus on doing one thing at a time, but it’s just as hard as trying to quit being a nocturnal…what I’m saying, it’s not impossible.. It’s just so freaking hard. If my head is not a mess, it prolly got nothing in. I’m a multitasker… instead of keeping on complaining why can’t I focus blablabla… I’ll just take that as a gift. =)

Here I go again, pouring out my nonsense… as usual, just need to clear up my head a little bit.

Anyway, I wanted to say, how sometimes we need to learn to take thing slow. Some people ask, ‘what’s the difference now that you’re doing master?’.. well, since in architecture, at least in RMIT, our master degree is not research based like most other post grade courses, it’s project based…. The course is still pretty much similar to the degree. We got classes, studios and lectures… we do presentations every week for almost every subject and we have submissions every now and then depending on the subject.

The workload is still pretty much the same… it’s just that… for me, it’s just getting more and more difficult… and it’s normal right? I believe other courses are like that too. Even if you compare it to our lives...the more you understand the more complicate… it’s just, well… life.

But after all, there’s something that I learned from my master course… and from a few things that occurred about my life recently… sometimes, we do need to take things slow.

Hei! Tak lari gunung dikejar!

Ok, I’m not making any sense. Should just stop.

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