Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wakeyyyy! September has ended!!

A friend tweeted “esok dah Oktober!”

It occurred to me how quickly time passes. Life seems to flow monotonously, but along the way, as I took a glimpse of a few recent weeks, many things had actually took place and some of them, leaved without a trace for me to understand what it was, let alone response… but at the back of my mind… I knew it happened, and I remember.

It was one of the sweetest months. I went home, had a good winter escape in my hometown… and I met you. However, I stumbled upon a door sill and realized, the door was left ajar because the lock wasn't working! (haha... mesti orang tak faham) … huhu.. The semester commenced... it was a good start. I got my first choice studio. However, at the end of the month.. things started to get a little hay wired.

I would say, patience was the hallmark of August. The semester got tougher. Works were continuously piling up… things got off my hands. I romped about my life, breaking all the good things I had… I had my birthday… what a ‘rainy’ birthday it was… haha… but so happy when some friends did remember and cared to wish… all the things got so critical… I couldn’t quite comprehend most of the things that were happening at that time… there was an outrage of emotional flux…haha… and there was Ramadhan… I’m glad it was Ramadhan… less, I might not have as much patience as I did. Thank you Allah.

I know there was Hari Raya.. went to a few open houses. Other than that. Work. Work. Work…. And suddenly its ending. What? !


I wish for the best in October. All my final presentations will be in this month. I need to catch up and patch up some of the broken things ... put some of them back together and ditch the crappy and nasty bits of it…

You know when you try to put broken things back together, it won’t look exactly like it was, take a broken ceramic for instant… you’ll see the glue lines… the cracks… the uneven surfaces…

But, you can make it better… maybe like this...

see, they become pavers!

 or if you love art, this is very pretty

oh! this is pretty too

Or… if it’s too broken to ever be fixed… what’s the point of keeping it, right? In another word, sweep away the mess, sweetheart!!!

Life is indeed full of surprises... you'll never know what's coming in your way... =)

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