Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Hidden Beauty!

I’ve been wanting to write about this for so long. Now that my brain is figuring out some stuffs about design, I’ll write about it… as I said in previous post, I’m a multitasker…hihii

Before I proceed, I better clarify that, I’m not writing a fiqh article.. I’m just sharing my thoughts with all the hijabees out there, something based on my observations…

Hijabess aren’t really strangers here in Melbourne, you’ll see women with headscarves everywhere. Nevertheless, from my personal experiences, people still question about this piece of fabric wrapping our head… some of the lame questions are like, why do you wear it? Can you ever take it off? Do you wear it at home? Can you wear different colors? How do you get your hair cut?

Well, I’m not answering all of those question here… but I’m going to write about something else.. here is the story.

I know that scholars differ in the ruling of not wearing hijjab with the non-muslim women… you can ask about it yourself and I’m not competent enough to explain it here… but I did ask one of our scholars and he said, it’s okay to uncover your hair as long as it won’t bring fitnah.. back to the story that I wanted to share, one day, I was having a chat about hair care with my non muslim friend… and she told me how she used to befriend with a muslim girl who happens to wear hijjab.. and one day, the girl took off her hijjab and her hair was so stink!

I’ll stop there.

My dear sisters… this reminder goes to all of you and myself… just because we cover up our hair, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have to take good care of it.

Cleanliness is a part of faith.

Sometimes, I just don’t understand how can any girl be so ignorant about her hygiene. Well, you could say that I better take good care of myself rather than judging people… but you see, my point here.. I’m not judging anyone… I’m just reminding myself and you, that our hygienic negligence will give out bad perception regarding the act of wearing hijjab….regarding every sister who wears hijjab … it’s like, underneath those scarves.. their hair are ugly and stinky.

Shampooing is fun!

I love washing my hair everyday and it makes me feel good. Some people prefer not to wash their hair everyday and they have reason for doing that… but, hey… as long as your hair doesn’t smell bad… it’s okay… but you know sisters, sometimes the smell passes through your hijjab, it blends with the fabric… and as wind breezes the fabric… the smell travels to noses around you. Don’t think that because it’s all covered up underneath a piece of cloth, people can’t smell it… your wearing a fabric, not a vacuum plastic wrap! But I do advice you, to wash your hair frequently… especially if you’re living in a hot country, and you have oily and sweaty scalp.

Dry you hair!

I know some people don’t like hair drier very much… people say it’ll damage your hair a lot quicker than the sun. well, I did not like it much too… but since I started using it, I don’t really feel it’s damaging my hair, instead… it makes my hear firmer and smoother. The key thing here, you got to use hair conditioner after each shampooing. Or instead, you can use electric fan…or just let it dry naturally… but don’t put the scarf on while your hair is still wet, worst, dripping! Especially if you intended to wear it for all day long… you know what I’m saying…

Love your hair.

Hair is like any other part of your body… some people were gifted with beautiful hair than others… but again, beauty is subjective. No matter how much you like or dislike your hair… it’s still a part of you regardlessly… some girls say… ‘it’s good to wear tudung, so I don’t have to bother much about my hair’… well, partly its true.. you don’t bother to style it before going out… no one knows how it looks like… and you don’t have to worry about sun damage… but that doesn’t mean you can just abandon your hair care… plus, it is a good thing to make yourself presentable even just among the sisters and family members… and if you are married, your earn rewards for beautifying yourself for your husband, that includes styling your hair… =)

Ok, I have a lot more to say… but I guess my point here is clear enough… I write this, to remind myself and my sisters… let’s take good care of our hair!

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xiraburkhan said...

nice post ^^
"but I did ask one of our scholars and he said, it’s okay to uncover your hair as long as it won’t bring fitnah.." <<--- ...serious terus dumbfounded. *was wondering whos d ehem..scholars itu. *sigh*