Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sometimes (bukan lagu Britney)

Sometimes, you don’t really want to hear things like ‘you’ll be alright’… because it’s all that you’ve been telling yourself all along… the word ‘alright’ seems to appear so pretentious and sarcastic… and you don't know how long it’ll take to get there.

Sometimes, you do need someone to remind you that you are better than what you think of yourself and trust in you more than you trust in yourself.

Sometimes, a slap on the face is way better than a comforting hug… you need someone who always brave enough to snap you of your broken dreams … wake you up to move on and fix things… or at least, dream another dream.

Sometimes, being overly optimistic would only give you false hope… you need to step back, admit the impediment… measure your strength properly prior to taking any action.

Sometimes, you do need someone to catch you when you fall… but if you think of yourself as a bouncy ball rather than a fragile glass… you would prefer a hard surface rather than a soft one.

Sometimes, instead of keep on feeling and thinking about your problems… you need to start thanking for all the blessings.

Sometimes, you need to put your pride aside and listen to your heart carefully… as pride and heart always disagree in various matters… but whenever a heart is broken, the pride will be hurt too.

Sometimes, all that you want is an ice cream!

  Oya, jom pergi Cold Rock!

Best kot kalau dapat makan Cold Rock waktu macam sekarang.... yummmmm.


tina said...

Love this :)

KIAMBANG said...

love you too, tina! *eh salah faham* haha...