Thursday, March 27, 2008


Feels like writing in english... i know my english is horrendous...and obviously...No..No..No to ryhthmatic, poetic and enigmatic sentence like i used write in previuos posts which in Malay... Anyway, i always wish that i could write on the same style regardless what language im writing in...ok!

A cup of milk and roti canai- that was my breakfast, this morning...well, its kinda inappropriate to say its a breakfast, a brunch maybe...

Milk and Roti Canai- these two things are quite significant to me... why?
Well, first of all, for those who wonder where on earth do i get this roti canai, stop guessing... u could find it in any asian groceries around melbourne, Laguna, its instant! enjoy it in a minute...hahaha...erm..i should be give some comission for this statement..hahaa..

- It seems to me that roti canai has a new scandal with milk... where does teh tarik go? ( i have no time to pull the tea....)

- For decades, roti canai and teh tarik have been together..a famous couple in almost every gerai in Malaysia, amongst the most scandalous breakfast in mamak stall...BUT.. im aware that, there are thousands of people like me...who thinks roti canai fits better with milk... and i think teh tarik is the best companion of char koey depends... but the point here is, mix and match do not mean mismatch...

- Roti Canai- My ayah loves so much buying roti canai from one of the nearest stall, he will buy roti canai almost every morning eventhough my mak has cooked nasi goreng or something else for breakfast...and he will buy a lot more if his cucu-cucu are staying at our my surprise, my nephews and nieces always enjoy the roti canai up to 2,3 keping per person...and whenever they ask for more, i can see the delightful face of ayah... I MISS MY DAD SO MUCH!

- Milk- My eldest sister advices me to drink at least a glass of milk everyday.. sometimes i do, sometimes i forgot... one night, it comes to my mind the advice..hence i went to the fridge, searching for fresh milk, unluckly, no more...then my mum said " ada susu tepung kat dalam tupperware koko tu".. so, ive made myself a glass of hot milk..erm..yummy..then i ask my mak.." susu apa ni?" mum said"owhh..anlene gold..." she smiles gracefully...owh turning 21...not 51...owh mak.. I MISS MY MUM SO MUCH!


Begin with milk and roti canai, i come to question myself about things which many of us including me tend to take for granted...

1. Food - Many people will disagree with me if i say 'food' cause as far as i'm concerned many people do appreciate their food... but, what i mean is the type of food-the menu and the person who prepares the food for us...and how thankfull are we for the worst food we ever tasted? Bean-sprouts!!! haaha... How frequent do we give compliment to someone who cook nice food for us? Do we compliment her or the food? How much do we appreciate the person who does not cook but serve and clean up the kitchen?

2. Strangers - Everyday, i see strangers... I'm not asking anyone to go to a stranger, shake his hand and tell him how much u appreciate his existence in ur's just the matter of concern of people around u...How much do we appreciate someone who smiles at us when we are crossing the road? How frequent do we say 'salam' to our unknown brothers n sisters whenever we pass by on the street? How thankful are we, when we see something unpleasant acted by strangers that make us realize we are very lucky not to be in their shoes?

3. Name - I probably get this idea from Dr. Unta..tq Dr. Anyway, people call us by our name..sometimes, it does sound weird when it is pronounced by people who speaks different language from us...Yet, how do we appreciate, the effort of that person who tries to pronoun our name? and to my surprise, 2 of my friends, Cik Kantan and Dr Unta tell me the same thing on the same day: about how they appreciate the person who spells their name correctly...What a coincidence! and i come to think how i always take this matter for granted... therefore, i would like to tip my hat off to those kerani sekolah who always spell my name correctly in register book....tq so much..hehe

4. Dumb Wall - look around ur bedroom, toilet, lounge..anywhere in a building..u might see a dumb wall.. A wall which has not been design deliberately - typical material, lame colour, empty, no ornament- yet, it does serve at least a function...Do we realise the existence of this wall? How much effort do we put to embelish this wall or do we just leave it in limbo? How much do we thank the architect who dumbly design that wall? hahahaa..

5. Wooden Pencil - When was the last time u use a wooden pencil? (exception to artist and architects) Think of those school days, what wooden pencil has done for u? When u get a good result in ur exams, (especially objective paper which u need to answer in OMR paper), u go and thank ur teacher, ur tutor, friend who study with u, ur father and mother..but do u say thank to the wooden pencil??? pity her...Those early days when u start to learn how to write, wooden pencil is one of ur good comes in so many designs and colours...the very first time u start writing, the carbon keeps snaping, u sharpen it using sharpener, hence it becomes a pencil kontot and u throw it u still remember those day? Well, seriously, i do...

Herm..i'll stop at 5 things...I'm aware there are many more things we have in this life, but we tend to take for granted, there's a lot more in my mind, but i'm not rajin enough to list em here......Be more thankfull and always remember, on top of all of these things, the tiniest or the largest, the useless or the most important.. Allah is The Provider....Therefore, ALHAMDULILLAH...ALHAMDULILLAH..ALHAMDULILLAH...


Anonymous said...

em..i think roti canai had made up just like a piece of CD. shape....em absolutely the same.if we want just perabih. if not, let it flying gently as piring terbang. anelene gold.. just prepared u to age 51..haha..

Anonymous said...

em..i think roti canai had made up just like a piece of CD. shape....em absolutely the same.if we want just perabih. if not, let it flying gently as piring terbang. anelene gold.. just prepared u to age 51..haha..

pech said...

aku meluat pensel kayu.bad memories.

lukis kucing sat."


lukis kucing lg."

< loop >


Anonymous said...

cm ner lak ng naan cheese..
ley sama ng roti canai x?
aper lak couple naan cheese wahai cik ki@mbang???sila la jwb..

Kiambang said...

Nan n cheese ok aja..janji hati suka..perut tak merana...