Friday, September 25, 2009

This post should be my weekly assignment no. 15

Eyes on the screen and I feel like blogging.

Today’s lecture was on Russian constructivist… and here I go trying to write my weekly assignment on the topic… and it ends up…

Russian constructivists are those people who might like my duvet cover if they happen to see it. It is red in color… really strong red… with bubbles, no I mean circular patterns that scattered all over it… however, it is lacking of squares and strong lines.. But somehow, when I spread my duvet over my bed which is rectangular… I see those patterns framed by four strong lines… The circles are freely scattered but strictly bounded by the size of the bed… that reminds me of Stalin government of USSR…… but when I look at Saeng (my teddy) sitting at the corner of my bed… I think Stalin might not like him because he is cute but Stalin is not! 

Ok, let’s not get carried away by my ‘OTC’… (Once, I had a beloved uncle who taught me about OTC… it’s an acute syndrome that affects your brain position within the skull that causes some sort of insanity in your thoughts and behavior… in full, it is called ‘Otak Tak Center’)

My mind is everywhere…. I got flu and cough…. Sakit kepala also…

Life is pretty hectic and hair-wired recently.

This thing called design could really make you fly high but sometimes… it could crash you to the bones…

The problem when you have two tutors in a studio is one could differ from the other especially when one is not around… and you don’t know which one you should listen to~

When you are a student, you should not be stubborn… but you should listen! But I once, had a mentor who told me… “You can be stubborn when you are in third year and above”… hahaa.. so I’m now ‘besar kepala’ and that is where the problem comes… so padan muka!

Did you know that my name could mean ‘modern’? Tak percaya ? Ask the Arabs! Still don’t believe it? Ok, fine.. take that as my middle name then….

I think I really need to fall in love again… so that I could have the old passion again…. Mana pergi semangat berkobar-kobar itu?

Hypothetically speaking… I’ll get over this soon inshaAllah… and by that time I’ll be more enthusiastic… but for the moment… I’m so tired…. Dear my soul, turn to Allah so that you could find peace~

p/s; internet, kamu jangan buat masalah boleh tak? Hantar ke soviet union nanti baru tahu…

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