Sunday, September 6, 2009


Salam everyone...
InshaAllah.. this post won't be an essay.. heee

I just love to share my new discovery about 'Banksy'... an artist.. well, he was originally a street artist...who remains anonymous despite of his fame!

Having a profound interest in art and architecture as a medium of revolution, I keep searching and looking for inspiration or precedent.. just to convince myself that this big super secret  futuristic plan in my head has a hope.. As far as my aesthetic sensibility is concerned.. Banksy approaches are really radical and provocative... and he really knows stuff.. I personally find his arts are really punchy!

Note: I don't 100%ly agree with his manifesto.. and I haven't thoroughly studied his arts.. good or bad, look at your own risk :D

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mohaz said...

A meaningful sarcasm.. really see the underlying truth in routine... as the second pic itself really differentiate between trying to help and helping...