Tuesday, September 15, 2009

hakazal Hubb

tonight, I listened to a tazkirah about 'love'...
about how easy we say 'I love you'.. but always fail to prove it... the speaker talks about loving Allah and Rasul.. It reminds me of the 'I love Allah' group on facebook that many people have become fans.. but, is that it? how truthful are we to our words? How do we prove our love towards Allah and Rasul? or do we join the 'I love Allah' group one day and 'I love my boyfriend' group the day after?
Really wish I could write up the whole tazkirah here.. but I'm not perfectly poised of myself at the moment... just a question for everyone including myself to ponder upon..

"How do you prove your love to Him?"

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s.c.h.u.l.t said...

yes.it's not easy to prove LOVE~ :)