Friday, August 27, 2010

You'll be missed.

Remember I once blogged about my red-polka-dots umbrella.

Today, I went to the class ignoring my desire to ponteng. I realized that, the more I locked myself in, the more stressful I get. Going to class at least makes me feel more like myself.

So in trying to be so-called more prepared, which I rarely am, I checked the weather forecast before I went out and according to it, it would rain today… so I brought that sweet red umbrella.

After breaking my fast with some friends, I went for maghrib at the uni musolla… it was really cold outside, so before I left the musolla, I stuck my hands in my coat pocket… (oh yeah, I keep buying gloves and mittens but close-to-never wear them)..hence forgetting my umbrella. It’s the 'tongkat' type so you have to carry it with your hand rather than chucking it in your bag.

That’s not the end of the story… I hence went waiting for a tram to go to ICV (a hot spot for taraweh in Melbourne).. and the moment I realized that I left the umbrella, I saw a tram coming… if I were to go fetch the umbrella and wait for another tram, I’ll be late for the prayer… but if I decided to take that tram, I prolly won’t see my umbrella anymore.

I previously blogged how much I like that umbrella, I had it for months if not years… it’s really a strong one.. because here in Melbourne, it’s always very windy and the wind is always so strong such that it’ll ruin your umbrella… but this umbrella had never gone flipping in such strong wind.

Anyway… so I had to quickly decide whether to go and get the umbrella or hop-in the tram. Oh forgot to mention, uni musolla is closed after 8pm, so I can’t pick it up after traweh and I prolly won’t go to uni until next week… and even if I left it at the musolla, I’ll probably won’t see that umbrella anymore.

What did I do? I hopped in the tram.

Maybe if you think from one perspective… between taraweh and umbrella, it should always be taraweh. But think of this… the umbrella is pretty expensive, leaving it like that also means wasting money and I have to buy another umbrella with the money which I could spend on some other beneficial thing. Besides, I could still catch up with the taraweh as the imam recites more that 1 juzu’.

But sometimes, when you got to choose, you really got to choose.

I really like that umbrella. If it’s still there next time I go to the musolla. inshaAllah… I’ll take it back. But if it’s gone… I guess the umbrella is just not meant to be mine forever… I hope whosever pick it up will take good care of that really nice umbrella.

My dear red polka-dots umbrella, you’ll surely be missed.


april said...

insyaAllah, it will still be there.. like u said, "tie the camel, n tawakall.." :)

n it shud be "whoever"..

KIAMBANG said...

Yes, I noticed the typo, but cant be bothered to change... I wanted to write whosoever... Thanks anyway.