Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm busy =)

People say, you shouldn’t change yourself because of someone else.

But what if, the change makes you a better person… don’t we all want to be a better person? I don’t really live on the notion ‘be yourself’ which always leads to some sayings like "well, this is me..." "this is who I am.." what if the 'me' is not a good thing? would you still consider a bad character as a part of you?… how do you know which part of you is really you? And what makes you think that way?

I believe that, throughout life, no one stays the same… at least there will be some physical changes… and physical changes do affect one’s lifestyle… it is something you cannot prevent…

However we can control how it happens… right?

Plus, we don’t change ourselves out of the sudden… well, yeah, it could come from within… but, it is a rule of thumb that we human need some motivation to instigate an action.

A person, or an event could be the reason to change… but the purpose of any sort of changes should always be for our own good, and on top of all… to please Allah SWT.

I don’t wish to write long, just feel like sharing this well-known video… because, if we were to be a better person, we should copy the best of the examples.

p/s :May Ramadhan be a good booster for any act of kindness.

::s/p/s : I’m trying to change myself because of you… but not for you… I just simply want to be a better person, inshaAllah =) …::

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Faramidi said...

i ahve this song and couple of others from this Maher Zain. keep playing it over and over. x penah jemu. tp x penah tgk video die. thanks for uploading. really buat hati sayu.